The Less You Buy, the More You Save!

Put away your credit card and pull out your Stark Library card! No annual fee, no interest, no payments, EVER!!!!!!!  With this magical piece of plastic, you can access downloadable, digital, and streaming options to entertain, learn, and grow, saving lots of dough. No Library card? No problem. Sign up for a Library Card online or stop by any Library location to get one free and launch your savings.

Fun Math?

Let’s do a little math to figure out your savings. Substituting a paid streaming subscription with FREE Library apps can save hundreds – maybe thousands - of dollars per year! Check out how much you can save in subscription costs by looking at some popular services below. No penalty for jumping ahead to learn more about the Library’s FREE streaming apps.

eBooks or Audiobooks

Amazon Prime: $139 per year

Audible: $180+ per year

Your Library: Free with hoopla or Libby


Movies & TV

Netflix: $120+ per year

Hulu: $80+ per year

Your Library: FREE with hoopla or Kanopy



Apple Music: $120+ per year

Spotify $120 per year

Your Library: FREE with hoopla

Boost Your Skills and Maybe Your Paycheck!

Beyond streaming entertainment and books, you can use the Library to develop your potential in all areas of your life with FREE online access to LinkedIn Learning.  Choose from thousands of classes taught by experts in areas like leadership, business strategies, emotional intelligence, design, how to reduce distractions, and much more. LinkedIn Learning costs $240 per year! Can you guess how much it is with your Library card? 

Stock Up on Good Investment Advice

Investing in stocks, mutual funds, or another opportunity? Tap into the Library’s Morningstar Investment Research Center for comprehensive, independent information and analysis on thousands of investments. Informed decisions are more likely to pay off in the long run – and you don’t have to pay a penny for the investment insights. If you want to subscribe to Morningstar on your own, get ready to pay $249 per year.

Be a Smart Shopper

Are you looking to surprise your mom with an air fryer? Buy a laptop for a college student? Find the right gaming system for your kiddo?  Access our free, online Consumer Reports for unbiased product reviews to make your dollars go the farthest. An online subscription would cost you $39 per year.

Meeting Rooms

You don’t have to dole out money to book a room at a restaurant or scramble to find a way to fit a crowd into your house when you take advantage of the Library’s free meeting rooms. Whether it’s a club, or a large community group, or a bunch of friends working on a hobby, we’ve got you covered – with tech to boot. Reserve a room at any of our locations.

Library Events – Always FREE!

There is always lots of fun, learning, and creating to enjoy at the Library for FREE. From meeting fascinating authors at the Canton Palace Theatre in our Speaking of Books Author Series to storytime for little ones, and events for all ages and interests across our locations.

Sounds Too Good to be True?

We know…we know…what’s the catch? There honestly isn’t one! The Library is a non-profit, meaning we aren’t trying to zing you with hidden costs to make a buck. We are about serving you with the best piece of plastic you can possess – a Library card. If you don’t have one, get one now and see what you and your bank account have been missing!