Library of Things

You’d never guess what you can borrow NOW! A LOT will surprise and delight you in our Library Of Things. Fun, useful, unexpected items that go way beyond books!

Take your game night outside where everyone can gather round and enjoy gigantic fun. Want to strum a new tune? Check out one of the easiest instruments to learn!

Need to help your struggling teen driver? We have what it takes so they can practice all the right moves.

Surprised enough yet? You can also borrow what you need to learn if your air is safe to breathe, turn the side of your house into a movie theatre, and diagnose that blinking dashboard light in your car. When you have a need, see if we can help you perform the deed. It feels great to borrow instead of buy with the best plastic around – your Library card! Scroll down for more!

Pulse Oximeter

Pulse Oximeter

Monitor your oxygen levels in seconds and get accurate measurements at home.

Fitness Weights

Blood Pressure Monitor

Rapid and reliable blood pressure and heart rate measurement.

Fitness Weights

Fitness Weights

Dual use on ankles and wrists. Get extra strength!

NEW! Ukelele


Enjoy learning an instrument-free with your library card! You’ll be strumming tunes on the ukulele in no time. Comes with instruction book.

Borrow a Telescope

Telescopes (Tripod)

Spy craters on the moon with our easy-to-use telescope. Enjoy star-gazing with the convenient, portable tripod.

Search the Stars with aTelescope

Telescopes (Tabletop)

Scan the sky, catch a glimpse of Saturn's rings, Jupiter's spot, and much more. Enjoy out-of-this-world view with our tabletop telescopes.

Save money with FREE driving cones to borrow!

NEW! Student Driving Cones

Get help with a challenging part of the driver’s license test by practicing maneuverability with our cones. Practice makes perfect!

Kill-A-Watt Electricity Monitor

Kill-a-Watt Meter

Learn and save! Check how much energy your appliances are sucking up and make a plan to cut your electric bill.

Borrow a WiFi Hotspot and Chromebook


No Internet or computer? No problem. Borrow our laptop and Wi-Fi hotspot kit to file taxes, email, or even watch movies from home.

Fix Your Car with Chilton's Vehicle Code Diagnostic Reader

A person uses a vehicle diagnostic scanner on their car

Vehicle Diagnostic Code Reader

Root out car problems without paying a mechanic. Our vehicle diagnostic code reader easily determines the cause of the check engine light.

Watch a Movie with a HD Projector

A projector and projector screen

Digital HD Projector

Borrow an HD projector for fun, work, or school!

Make Informed Decisions with an Air Quality Monitor

Air Quality Monitor

Worried about the air quality of your home? Breathe easy! Borrow an air monitor and get the data you need to make informed decisions.

Borrow a WiFi Hotspot

A wireless hotspot and a cellphone

WiFi Hotspots

Get instant, high-speed internet access FREE from almost anywhere you can get a cell signal with a device that fits in your pocket!

Protect Your Family with a Radon Detector

Radon Detector

Protect your family from an invisible, odorless killer. Exposure to high levels of radon greatly increases the risk of lung cancer.

Borrow Giant Jenga

NEW! Giant Jenga

Keep the tower from tumbling, as you carefully remove one block at a time with Giant Jenga. Scale up your fun – and take it outside!

Borrow Giant Tic-Tac-Toe

NEW! Giant Tic-Tac-Toe

Take your Xs and Os to a new level of fun with Giant Tic-Tac-Toe! Toss to your desired spot. Accuracy counts with this one!

Giant Connect Four

NEW! Giant Connect Four

One, two, three, four SCORE! Enjoy dropping huge pieces into formation with Giant Connect Four – without fear of losing tiny parts!

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