If the hassle of getting a passport is taking the shine off your international trip, take a deep breath, grab your documentation (details below), and call us for an appointment! Our friendly staff will be happy to help you.

Simply make an appointment at one of the six convenient Library locations offering passport services.

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You do not need to pay for Passport applications or forms. Free application forms are available at the six Library locations offering passport services or click here.

Courier companies, also known as “passport expeditors,” do not operate as a part of the U.S. Department of State. You will not receive your passport any faster using this fee-based service. Click here for information from the U.S. Department of State.

Passport FAQs

Call for an Appointment

Main Library : 330.458.2816
East Canton Branch : 330.488.1501
Lake Community Branch : 330.877.9975
Perry Sippo Branch : 330.477.8482
Plain Community Branch : 330.494.3399
Sandy Valley Branch : 330.866.3366

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Branches with Passport Services

Learn about Main Library

Learn about East Canton Branch

Learn about Lake Community Branch

Learn about Perry Sippo Branch

Learn about Plain Community Branch

Learn about Sandy Valley Branch

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