Throughout your life, the Library grows with you. Need help finding a new job or learning a skill? Grow with tools like LinkedIn Learning and OhioMeansJobs. Want to watch movies and classic TV shows without paying Amazonian fees? Use our free streaming apps, Hoopla and Kanopy. Want to find your family roots? Get FREE personalized help from our Genealogy staff and take advantage of excellent tools and databases. AND ALWAYS, read to your heart’s content, guided by our staff picks, catalog, and so much more! Attend events for yourself and your family. Learn, grow, explore, and create! There’s always something new to discover to enrich your life at the Library!

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Stream movies, TV shows, music, books, and more for FREE. The hoopla app syncs across your devices, so you can enjoy it anywhere!

Genealogy Services

Boost your family or community history research with personalized, expert help. Access databases online and in-person.

Job & Career Resources

Want a new career, promotion, or to develop skills? Use our online courses, resources, and more to get that dream off the ground!


No subscription? No problem. Read the latest issue of your favorite magazine online FREE with our easy-to-use Flipster app.

Movies & TV

Staff Picks

Childhood favorites to Adult Titles Recommendations

If you liked these books as child, then give these adult titles a try!

NEA Big Read

Join Stark Library's reading community as we explore this year's selection: Thi Bui's "The Best We Could Do: An Illustrated Memoir."

Celebrate Grandparents' Day

Grandparents day is September 10! Start the celebration with one of these books. Do you have any favorite books about grandparents?

Greek Myths ReImagined

Heroes and monsters. Gods and goddesses. From ancient times to modern day, these characters can be found making mischief in the library.

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