Chilton Auto Repair

You know that sinking feeling when you start up the car or truck and your dashboard lights up to indicate a problem? Don’t fret. Instead check out Chilton Auto Repair Library online or in-person at the Library.  FREE to you, no matter which way you prefer!

With Chilton manuals, you can diagnose the problem and get detailed information to see if you can tackle it yourself. Instructions, diagrams, videos, and pictures are included, specific to your vehicle. You can also gauge what a reasonable charge is to fix the issue. It makes good CENTS to see if you can save money starting with Chilton.

Car Repair Materials

Borrow a Vehicle Diagnostic Code Reader

A person uses a vehicle diagnostic scanner on their car

Vehicle Diagnostic Code Reader

Root out car problems without paying a mechanic. Our vehicle diagnostic code reader easily determines the cause of the check engine light.

Visit our DIY page


Does your old Ford have a busted axel? Or maybe you want to save money on the sink installation? Whatever the case, we are here to help!

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