Today’s news…yesterday’s history

From newsies yelling out headlines about the sinking of the Titanic to 24-hour news delivered electronically, there have always been ways to feed the hunger for knowledge about our world. The past, the present, and even speculation about the future come together at the Library online and on our shelves with our FREE extensive newspaper collection.

You can delve into the past to find information about your ancestors, conduct academic research, learn how your community came to be, enjoy looking at ads when a suit cost five dollars… Let your interests be the guide! Our genealogy department can provide extra assistance.

As history is being written today, you can access many current news stories across the country online FREE, including TV news sources. You can even search by subject!


Read the Canton Repository

Canton Repository

Get trusted local news FREE and FAST on your phone or desktop! Research past issues, too.

Browse Newspaper Source

Newspaper Source

Easily research news from local, national, and international newspapers - and broadcast networks.

Access Newsbank Online


Newsbank Online

Discover family information, and news from local and national newspapers dating back to 1978. Explore news in the National Archives too.

Access Centuries of Newspaper Archives

A person accesses newspapers on a laptop computer

Newspaper Archive

Empower your search for ancestors and the fascinating story of their times with free access to centuries of Ohio newspapers (700+ papers).

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