Why Using Library Student Resources Makes Your Life Easier

Is your child's homework looking much different than it did when you were in school? Feeling out of touch with current learning styles? All of your issues, with education, of course, can be solved with your Stark Library card. It’s true! Because it lets you use many free resources, you can find something that will make your or your child’s learning a little easier, whether it’s in a traditional classroom, online, or at home.

First things first, having a Library card is an absolute MUST. You won’t be able to access any of our online resources without a Library card. Library cards are free to anyone who lives, works, or attends school in Ohio! Signing-up is completely free and can be done in-person or online and you will get access instantly with an eCard without ever having to leave the comfort of your home!

Online Resources

One of the coolest things about the Library, and there are many, is that you don't have to be in the building to take advantage of all of its perks. Does the thought of your most recent research assignment make your head spin? Tired of dull, black-and-white worksheets? Do you have more textbooks than space in your backpack? Our online resources are interactive and available to you anytime or anyplace, giving you the freedom to learn on your own terms at no cost.

Learning Resources

With anytime access, you can use Mango Languages to improve your language skills, World Book Advanced and World Book Kids to get accurate and easy-to-understand information, LinkedIn Learning to bring in real-life examples and work at your own pace while learning how to make animations like Pixar, video editing for your new YouTube channel, or the basic skills of Ukulele.

Entertainment Resources

Believe it or not, you can use the Library's free streaming apps—hoopla, Libby, and Kanopy—to watch movies, TV, and documentaries, listen to music, and read books! In today’s world, where technology is changing, having access to the Library from anywhere, at any time, and on any device is a win-win. Plus, there are no subscription fees!

Physical Resources

We are a library, so it’s not surprising that we have a large collection of books for you to choose from. BUT! There’s more. Launch an intergalactic mission, find signs of wildlife, or unlock an enchanting learning experience with toy unicorns! Our kid-friendly, conveniently bundled Adventure Packs let you take charge of your own adventure and are great for learning and exploring. Select packs include reading materials and interactive tools (like magnifying classes or bug tweezers), seasonal guides, binoculars, and much more!

Guess what else you can borrow! Our Library of Things has a lot of surprises. Didn’t get enough maneuverability practice during your in-cars? Maybe you want to practice once more before your driving test. Well, you can perfect your skills with our driving cones. You’ll pass your driving test on the first try and be on the road in no time!  Use our HD projector for fun or to take your presentation to the next level! And don’t forget to try our easy-to-use telescopes to enjoy an out-of-this-world experience and ace your astronomy exam!

Specialized Services

Parents and Caregivers: If you’re worried that you’re not engaged enough with your child’s learning, don’t be! This may surprise you, but reading and singing can help your child's brain grow. Are you having trouble getting started because you're unsure of what steps to take? We have you covered. Our School Readiness Specialists will meet with you at any Stark Library branch location, every other month, to discuss learning goals for your child. With each lesson, learning activity kits are included.

If you’re struggling with your child’s homework, we can help with that too – it’s true, raising a child does take a village. Any family with children in kindergarten through third grade can schedule homework sessions at select locations.

Children, big or small, all need help during their learning journey. Doing it has become easier thanks to our free resources, books, and one-on-one support!