Truck of Delight: Satisfaction Guaranteed

As the minutes tick by, the people at Jason’s Place are eagerly waiting for the colorful truck to arrive. They burst with excitement as they spot the brightly colored truck turn the corner. They know that the truck carries something very special. A friendly staff member greets them, offering many delights and wonders, and the best part is they’re all free. The Bookmobile is packed with books, movies, and more!

The Bookmobile is open to all, and each visitor leaves with a smile, having found just the right item to suit their needs. Often, the staff surprises them with something enjoyable based on their taste.

“They mark the days on the calendar until the next visit,” Melissa, owner of Jason’s Place, says. Melissa founded Jason's Place with her son Jason in mind, with the belief that everyone, regardless of their abilities, should have access to lifelong learning opportunities. The Library's mission of advancing literacy and the Center's goal of ongoing learning work together to make a delightful experience, like a scoop of cool mango sherbet on a hot day.

The Bookmobile has welcomed JD, one of the individuals who spends his days at Jason’s Place, for more than a decade. Over the years, JD has attended several adult centers. Recently, he excitedly exclaimed:

“Wherever I go, the Bookmobile always finds me!”

This sweet tradition is thanks to the Mobile Services department's dedication to making sure that all members of our community can thrive, regardless of access to the Library.

This truck is one of five Library bookmobiles that serve the diverse communities of Stark County. They have something for everyone, from kids in daycare and school who read Goosebumps and Junie B. Jones to people in the county jail who want to expand their horizons. Each month, almost 10,000 items are checked out. “We may be someone’s first impression of a library. Everyone leaves with something,” says Cheryl, Mobile Services Manager.

Everyone leaves with something, but Gavin, a 12-year-old patron in the Wilmot Community, usually leaves with fifteen somethings (books). As a young author, he finds inspiration in the pages of his books. Amanda, his mother, on the other hand, reads for fun and to escape the day-to-day. “Without the Bookmobile, our trips to the library would be limited to once every three weeks due to us living so far,” she says.

Just outside, a steady stream of visitors arrive on foot, bike, and even buggy, eager to discover new items in the Library. “Each time, it’s something new. We always find what we’re looking for—it’s convenient,” shares Cynthia, a homeschooling mom. Cynthia and her family make it a point to visit the Bookmobile once a week since they learned about it a few months ago. Cynthia is thrilled when our librarians give her a personalized tote full of books and other materials that they chose just for her.

Cynthia’s daughter sums it up nicely: “It’s like an ice cream truck, with books!”