Meet Your Library Staff: Hannah

Step into the Main Library, and you’re likely to meet Hannah, our dedicated Adult Services Specialist. After unexpectedly finding herself in the Library, Hannah discovered a place where her love for books and helping others could come together perfectly.

Hannah’s love for libraries began when she was a young girl. Instead of playing jump rope or hopscotch during recess, she preferred to dive into the world of books. This passion for reading eventually led her to a career that feels tailor-made for her. The mix of community service, learning opportunities, and endless rows of books became her happy place. Hannah believes that libraries are gateways to different worlds through books, providing a safe space for everyone. “We get every type of person you can imagine,” she says, showing how the Library brings together people from all walks of life.

Hannah is dedicated to making the Library a vibrant place for everyone. She organizes programs and clubs for adults, like philosophy and book clubs, trivia nights, and eye-catching book displays. One of her favorite projects is the Library's seed bank, now in its eleventh year, where the Library works with Master Gardeners to sort and give out seeds. This project recently won an agricultural award. In her role, Hannah highlights the importance of great programs and excellent service. The Library's real strength is its staff, who go above and beyond to meet the needs of visitors. Working here has made Hannah even more committed to building a career around literacy and education. She feels lucky to be part of a library that is welcoming and inclusive for both visitors and staff.

Outside of work, Hannah loves spending time with her family and her three dogs, Olive, Ivy, and Sadie. Her favorite author is Emma Donoghue, whose stories inspire her love for reading. For Hannah, the Library is more than just a workplace—it's a cornerstone of community and personal growth, where she can help restore people's faith in humanity by offering support and encouragement.