Meet Your Librarian: Terri

As May draws to a close, we find ourselves bidding farewell to a cherished member of our library family: Terri, Bookmobile Children’s Librarian. But this departure is not just a goodbye; it’s an opportunity to celebrate her remarkable journey as she steps into retirement.

Terri's life has always been intertwined with the world of books and learning, from her early days spent in libraries while visiting her neighborhood library to the library in Massachusetts at her family’s vacation home. But her path to becoming a librarian wasn’t typical. Originally, she worked as a prosecutor, only to later discover that her true passion lay in working with children. So, she traded courtrooms for classrooms, completing a Master’s of Library Science at Kent State University.

For Terri, the joy of her work shines through every day, especially when she's aboard the Bookmobile, where she brings the magic of storytelling to every corner, from preschools to daycares. "I feel guilty getting paid because I’m having so much fun," she confesses with a smile. It's almost as if destiny led her to this role, considering her early exposure to libraries.

But Terri's impact extends far beyond the books. She's a familiar face to countless children, teachers, and parents, leaving a lasting impression on their hearts. Stories of children searching for "the other grandma" when boarding the bus speak volumes about the profound connections she's forged over the years.

Beyond her love for children's literature, Terri finds joy in adventure, whether it's dancing or discovering nature's wonders. Her adventurous spirit has taken her to far-flung places like Egypt, where she explored ancient tombs and sailed down the Nile River. But amidst her travels and hobbies, Terri's heart remains with her young readers, whose faces light up with every story she shares.

As Terri embarks on this new chapter in her life, we celebrate her unwavering dedication to spreading joy and nurturing a love for learning. Her legacy will continue to inspire us for years to come. Thank you, Terri, for 33 years of laughter, learning, and limitless imagination. Happy retirement!