The more you save, the more you SAVE!

Are you overpaying for subscriptions to streaming apps like Netflix, Apple Music, or Audible? What if you could cut subscription costs from your monthly bill completely? Believe it or not, when you use your Library card, you can save money while still streaming your favorite shows.

By using the Library’s free streaming apps and online access, you can:

  • Host a movie night or binge watch a TV series with your friends (Library Hoopla & Kanopy apps) = $120+ in savings per year (Netflix), $80+ in savings per year (Hulu)
  • Listen to Dr Seuss’s: How the Grinch Stole Christmas come alive with your kids as they follow along with the story (Library’s Libby or Hoopla apps) = $139 in savings per year (Amazon Prime), $180 in savings per year (Audible)
  • Jam to your favorite tunes (Library Hoopla app) = $120+ in savings per year (Apple Music), $120 in savings per year (Spotify)

All you need to unlock these sweet perks is your Library card. Don’t have one? No worries! Signing up is super easy. Sign up through our website and get access instantly with an eCard without ever having to leave the comfort of your home!

Save your Bank Account from Pray-and-Pay

By using your Library card, you can access unlimited streaming anytime, anywhere, without spending a penny – all you need is a device and the internet. You’ll never waste money or worry that you’re overspending on streaming subscriptions because it’s all FREE through the Library’s streaming apps.

We'll Help You!

Is it the lack of familiarity with the streaming apps that’s keeping you from signing up? We have friendly people to guide you through each step, NOT unfriendly consumer service representatives. You don’t have to worry about feeling pressured to buy or catch any sales because everything is FREE!

It's not a surprise that you’re paying more for just about everything these days. Smart consumers are turning to the Library to rediscover the amazing, FREE things that they can enjoy in person and online.

Before you pray-and-pay for entertainment, services, or events with your debit card, use the best piece of plastic that’s in your wallet that won’t cost you a dime – your Library card. Come rediscover all the wonderful events happening at the Library! Explore our Library of Things, to try gadgets and items before you buy them. Find help with specific needs online with our databases and tools! As the saying goes, the best things in life are free. Come see for yourself at the Library!