Featured Database: Chilton Automotive Repair Library

Car trouble. It can drive you crazy and cost you a lot of money! Get that repair done right with information from Chilton. Yes, the color-block spines of the repair manual books are now an online resource with all the wiring diagrams you could ever need. 

Introducing: Chilton Library 

Chilton has long been known for their auto repair manuals, which have lived on the shelves of the Library longer than any of our librarians can remember (and we’re known for our long memories). 

These books are LOVED, and for good reason. Whether you’re a professional mechanic or a DIY-er, Chilton has what you need. In their online portal, they have repair, maintenance, labor time estimates, and bulletin/recall information for most common makes/models of cars. And it’s all free (with your library card number) because the library has purchased the subscription for everyone to use! If you haven’t used the library in a while and need a new card, just stop by any of our branches or, if you've never had one, get access instantly with an eCard! 

Clear-Cut Diagrams and Videos

One of the best perks of Chilton is that they have such great videos and diagrams for their repairs. No guessing which screw is the bleed screw; it’s labeled right there, letter B, with all its specs right alongside! If you’ve ever struggled to install a new set of windshield wipers or fought with a weirdly convoluted headlight bulb replacement (you must take the tire off for some reason!?), you know the struggle is real for those of us who are not “car people.” But with the repair information from Chilton’s, you can change your oil, replace a seat, or recharge your air conditioning with just a few supplies, an internet connection, and your library card. 

Get It Done Like a Pro

Love cars and interested in becoming a professional? In addition to getting hands-on experience, you’ll probably want to take your ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) Tests so you can be the best mechanic you possibly can. And who better to turn to for your test prep than the people who are already helping you do your job—Chilton! With practice tests for 13 different areas of expertise all available for free, you can truly call this your one-stop shop for all your automotive know-how.

Fix that car!

Whether you’re just wondering when to take your car in for maintenance, how to replace the clutch, or you just want to learn more about how your important hunk of metal and plastic works, Chilton and Stark Library have you covered!