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Your Library Card: Beyond Books

Stark Library is so much more than books on shelves and computer stations. It's a gateway to endless free tools and resources that can entertain, educate, inform, guide, and support you. As you change and evolve, moving through different experiences and taking on new roles, Stark Library comes alongside you to provide what you need FOR EACH AND EVERY CHAPTER of life.


Tom & Kathleen's Story

We’ve had a long-standing relationship with Stark Library that has seen us through raising ten children, growing in our professional careers, promoting literacy in the community, enjoying 26 grandchildren, and now volunteering in our retirement years. We simply can’t imagine our lives without it.

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Tom & Kathleen Kling


"Of course, we were often there with our children as they were growing up - checking out books and getting helpful resources for their schoolwork, but it was really great for us as adults as well. Over the years, we both worked in sales for various companies and had substantial territories that required lots of driving - hours of car time! Between the two of us, we covered Ohio, every state east of the Mississippi River, and even had a weekly commute to an office in Ontario! Cell phone minutes were pricey, daydreaming was dangerous, and we’d quickly run out of radio stations, so audio books from the Library became the best way to fill ‘dead time.’

To buy them was expensive, so we were so grateful that we could check them out for free. It was not unusual to go through four books a week, and it was really fun to find an enjoyable author or genre and then gobble up every single one we could find. When new ones appeared on the shelf, it was an exciting event! And eventually, audio books became a way to entertain and occupy the entire family when we’d embark on a road trip.”

“Because I sold large reference books for Macmillan Scribner, I got to experience libraries intimately. Some of my clients were college and high school libraries, but many of these schools couldn’t afford robust reference collections, so my clients in those communities were the public libraries. I got to see firsthand just how important these resources are; when students didn’t have them at school, they’d come to their local branch to do research, write papers, and dive into an encyclopedia or almanac. Of course, there’s been a paradigm shift as reference materials have become digitized and online. It’s a completely different set of tools, but what has remained the same is how necessary libraries remain for this access. I’m very excited to see the new Main Branch being built downtown. The new layout and design will increase peoples’ access to what the Library can provide, and it’s going to be great for Canton.

These days, I take my daily walk by the Library and pop in for a variety of reasons: I love perusing all the new books, attending fantastic programs at the North Branch, checking out DVDs to watch, and even grabbing some tax forms. And we both love to attend the Speaking of Books series, where we’ve heard from some fantastic writers as they visit Stark County. Even better, it’s nice to know that our kids and grandkids are continuing this legacy of literacy across the world - in Singapore, Malaysia, and Africa - where they all read and borrow books from the public libraries where they live (and where we get to visit)!”

Tom & Kathleen's Favorites:

Tax Services



Commutes or workouts fly by with an audiobook. With thousands ready to borrow, you’re just one step away from your new favorite listen.

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North Branch

Speaking of Books

Speaking of Books Author Series

Join us for an evening with acclaimed writers who inspire lively discussion in the Dr. Audrey Lavin Speaking of Book Author Series!

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