Meet Your Librarian: John


Meet John, the librarian who is always ready to help! Chances are, if you’ve been to the Main Library you've crossed paths with him at some point. He can usually be found at the reference desk, helping patrons with their computer needs. He's the Library's own version of John McClane, based on the iconic character from the action-packed Die Hard film. The movie character comparison is further supported by his love of suspense, thrillers, and crime in both books and movies. If you were behind the scenes at the Library, you would most likely hear staff praising John's great knowledge: “John knows everything. If you need to know anything, just ask John.” And interestingly, in his early years, John studied acting and drama before discovering his true calling at Stark Library.

John's passion for his job as a librarian, as well as his love for creative expression, stems from his early childhood. He used to visit the Madge Youtz Branch when it was still a house in Crystal Park. When he had some free time, he would get on his bike and ride to the Library to borrow books and movies. As he dove into the pages of a book, he found himself in a world of never-ending possibilities.

The Library recently awarded John with a plaque honoring his 30 years of service. He recently reflected on a time when he realized his work at the Library had a significant impact: he helped a patron create a resumé in order to prepare for a job interview and avoid eviction from his home. When the resumé was complete, John saw the patron's face light up with joy, as if he had found a priceless jewel.

As John sat and thought about the Library's history, he recalled the Main Library in its early days: “I remember when part of the upper level of the Library was a parking deck. People could park in the garage and take the elevator down to the Library. It’s changed so much,” he shared. However, he also shared what hasn’t changed: the Library’s positive impact on its patrons in the community. He is an advocate for free access to books, considering it one of the Library's most valuable services. He believes that this service plays an important role in ensuring open access to knowledge and information, which benefits the entire community.

When he's not solving the Library's great mysteries, he enjoys time with his wife, two sons, and grandchildren. He enjoys biking, hiking, and reading. If you see John in the Main Library, say hello!