Meet Your Librarian: Asher

To be a good educator, you must always be willing to learn. That's what it means to be a lifelong learner.”

– Asher S.

If you find yourself in Jackson Township, the children’s area of the Jackson Community Branch Library is a great place for your family to explore. That’s where you’ll meet Asher, a former teacher who is now a librarian! Asher is doing a great job making learning fun for kids. Just ask a group of three- and four-year-olds who love storytime there. They enjoy it just as much as Gen Z loved watching the classic TV show, Mister Roger’s Neighborhood, when they were kids. 

Asher thought being a librarian, instead of a teacher, was another way to help people learn and make the world a better place. They have a love for learning and want to share that with others. And the Stark Library, a place that promotes inclusivity and gives everyone the freedom to be who they are, was the best place for this to happen.

Are you wondering what Asher does all day? Well, they don’t exactly swap their blazer for a cardigan at dawn, but you might catch them wearing a cozy cardigan now and then. Their days are filled with spreading the joy of reading and learning to the kids, all while making sure they feel happy and safe. Asher uses rhymes, songs, instruments, and fun activities to keep things exciting! In just a short while at the Jackson Community Branch, both kids and parents have grown to admire Asher for their warmth.

Recently, Asher got a sweet note from a parent thanking them for how storytime has positively impacted their child. Initially quiet, the little girl has blossomed into a social butterfly, much to Asher’s delight. When asked about their secret, Asher simply says, “I pour 100% of myself into everything that I do.” It seems that Asher’s enthusiasm has created a welcoming environment where children can thrive.

Asher is looking forward to what lies ahead at the Library. Most of all, they’re excited about the chance to shape the community by teaching the next generation of kind and understanding children. They can’t wait to see the positive impact they can make on young minds and hearts.