Women’s History Month

Celebrate Women Everywhere

Every March, we celebrate the important role that women have played across the globe. Women's History Month serves as an uplifting reminder to all women to keep paving their own way. Throughout this month-long celebration, we raise awareness of the many achievements of women, both past and present, through a diverse lineup of programs, events, and books.

Programs & Events

We invite you to explore the ways Stark Library encourages the celebration and acknowledgment of Women’s History Month!

Immerse yourself in a special panel discussion featuring women from Stark County and beyond as they share their heartfelt stories. Hear firsthand how each of them paved their way despite overwhelming odds. These educating and entertaining events are sure to inspire today’s women!

Women's History Month

Staff List

In honor of this month-long celebration, your favorite librarians have put together a collection of inspiring reading material. We encourage you to borrow any of these books, as well as many others that may not be listed, to immerse yourself in the significance of Women's History Month.

Women's History Month 2024

Honor women's achievements with these recent titles that highlight the perseverance and strength of women throughout American history.

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