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Can you believe he did that? I never saw that ending coming, did you? What do you think the author was REALLY trying to say?

Discover great books AND fresh perspectives chatting with readers who journeyed the same pages in book club. When you go “clubbing” with us, you’ll enjoy lively discussions about mysteries, romance, the latest releases, biographies, historic fiction, and more. Even better, the books are already chosen (so no puzzling over what to read next) and available to you at the Library. Just drive right in!

You are bound to write new friendships into your life story and make your reading experiences that much richer. Can’t find a club that works for your schedule, location, or interests? No problem. It’s easy to start your own. Simply request a book club kit, which includes the author’s bio, reviews, and discussion questions.

Want to be in a club of your own? Our librarians can help you find titles you’ll love, based on your unique interests and the latest releases.

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Borrow books of all types, and forms - audio, paper, eBooks. Stream. Download. Check out in person. Looking for a great read? We’ve got it!

Previous Book Club Reads

Take a look at past Stark Library book club selections. If you're interested in enlightening discussions of books like these, join the club!

More Book Clubs

African American Book Club

Enjoy new books and intriguing discussions each month, featuring the work of outstanding African American authors.

Read Around the World Book Club

Book it around the world with your fellow readers, with a new title each month. Enjoy lively discussions on today’s most intriguing reads!

Banned Books Club

Some of today’s classics were once banned. Join us to explore titles being questioned today and what they might offer to the world.

Big Screen Book Club

Is the book or movie better? Debate with fellow book and movie lovers as you explore titles that have transferred to the screen.

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