Basking in Nature’s Bounty

“Serene is the word that describes it for me.” – Perry Branch branch manager, Luellen Wilson

The branches of majestic trees sway in the gentle breeze as ducks glide past lily pads in tranquil water just beyond green grass. Birdsong fills the air, accompanied by the gentle clicking of a keyboard.  Welcome to Luke Neff’s “office” on the outside deck of the Perry Sippo Branch, located within Sippo Lake Park. The professional illustrator finds peace and productivity working with his laptop on a table shaded by a large green umbrella. He parks ten minutes away so that he can walk on a nature trail to get here to design, research, and use other services.

“I just recently got a Library card – and I love it. I’ll use the Library’s printer to see how a design might look. Then, when I’m finished, I go to the Wildlife Conservation Center and visit the animals. I make a whole day out of it.”

“I stopped my car the other day for a beaver crossing the road. We see deer all the time, and turtles sun themselves in the parking lot,” says branch manager Luellen Wilson. “We partner with Stark Parks on all kinds of programs.”

One of those is Trail Tales. Families walk from page to page reading to the story’s end at the Library. Along the way, kids learn new words and cool nature facts, combined with activities like jumping, skipping, and taking giant steps! Today two families bookend the experience with the techy fun of Library specialist Claire Cross’ Homeschool Hangout program.

5½-year-old Madlyn shrieks with joy as her tiny robot turns in one direction and then another, according to the color sequence she plots with help from Miss Claire. Her mom, a web designer, smiles broadly at her daughter’s excitement. They’ll definitely be taking home some of the Library’s coding books.

“I bring her to Library programs all the time to be exposed to new things and to be with other kids,“ says mom, Haley Lohrenz. “We love it.”

The friendliness extends to the Hooks and Needles Club. The crafters enjoy creating together, sometimes for special projects, like crocheting scarves for cancer patients. It’s especially fun when longtime staff specialist, Vickie Colangelo, starts spinning yarns.

“Vickie always makes us laugh,” says Brenda, working on a scarf.

Vickie smiles, “Within a couple of hours, the five of us have solved all the problems of the world. It’s just a great place to be.”

We can’t say difficulties disappear at the Perry Sippo branch, but they do seem a lot lighter! Stop by to enjoy books, programs, computers, and more, surrounded by human warmth and peaceful nature.  You can say Vickie sent you!