September 16, 2014
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Using the OverDrive App Instructions

The OverDrive Media Console (OMC) is a free app that allows Stark County District Library cardholders to checkout and download e-books from the library. The following instructions explain how to checkout, download, and read e-books using this app. For instructions on how to install and set up the app see the appropriate handouts on the Stark County District Library website.

Items needed:
Stark County District Library card
Wireless internet connection
Tablet with OverDrive app installed, Adobe ID created and Stark County District Library added

Browse, Checkout and Download Digital Materials Using OMC App

Now that the OverDrive app is installed and libraries have been selected it’s time to browse, checkout and download materials from the library. The following instructions explain that process.

1.  Open the OverDrive app by tapping the OverDrive icon in the apps section of the device.

2.  Once the app is open look for the Homeu in the top left corner of the screen.

3.  In the My Libraries section tap on The Ohio Digital Library.

4.  Once The Ohio Digital Library website opens look for the Sign In link near the top right corner of the page.

5.  Select your library system Stark County District Library) 

Type your library card number (2133300xxxxxxx) and then tap Sign In.

7.  Look for the search bar in the top right of the page. Search for an author, title or keyword; or browse by different genres using the blue banner across the top of the page (e-book Fiction, e-book Nonfiction, etc.)

Note: for additional search instructions and tips look for either the General Searching in the Ohio

8.  Limit search results to just EPUB e-books (the format compatible with the OverDrive app) by selecting one of the EPUB choices in the Format limiter on the left side of the page. Other limiters include books available right now, subject, publisher, language, and more.

9.  Tap on any item’s cover image to read more about it or begin the checkout process.

10.  Tap Borrow to check that item out and begin the download process.

11.  Tap on the blue Download (Select one format) button and check the format you wish to download

(Note: for the OverDrive App you must select an EPUB format for e-books or MP3 format for audio books. Kindle format is not compatible

with the OverDrive app).

12.  Download. The e-book will download instantly.  The book is now downloaded to your device.

13.  To begin reading tap the Home menu in the top left side of your screen (or swipe your screen from left to right.) A list of options will appear – tap on Bookshelf. This takes you to the bookshelf within your OMC app. Tap on the cover of the item you just downloaded to begin reading.

When the lending period is over (twenty-one days for e-books) your title will be returned wirelessly—no late fees. You can make early returns in by tapping and holding down your finger on the item’s cover image (within the Bookshelf of the OMC app). A list of options will appear – tap Return to return the item early.

Still have questions? Please feel free to ask a staff member, call (330) 458-3150 or (330) 458-3160 or email for additional assistance.