September 16, 2014

Unattended Minor Policy

Resolution Number 2003-163; September 16, 2003 (Replaces March 19, 1996); Adopted Date: September 16, 2003
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BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED by the Stark County District Library Board of Trustees that


1) The library welcomes and encourages patrons of all ages to visit the library and take advantage of the programs, services and resources which it offers.

2) The responsibility for the safety and behavior of minors in the library always rests with the parent, guardian or assigned adult caregiver and not with library personnel.The library reserves the right to determine when a minor must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or assigned adult caregiver.

3) The Director is authorized to implement procedures and guidelines consistent with this policy. These procedures and guidelines will be administered by designated library staff and Security.


Unattended Minor Procedures

effective September 25, 2007*
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The Stark County District Library Board of Trustees had adopted an Appropriate Conduct Policy on February 19, 2002. These rules of conduct were adopted with the purpose of creating a pleasant atmosphere for all of our patrons and to ensure that everyone using the library may do so without disruption. This policy is to be applied to all situations, and all minors are subject to its enforcement.

The Appropriate Conduct Policy is always enforced at the Stark County District Library and reads as follows:


People demonstrating disruptive, disorderly or inappropriate behavior may be required to leave the library premises.


Disruptive, disorderly or inappropriate behavior includes but is not limited to:

1) Noisy, boisterous actions;

2) Failure to follow library rules, regulations or procedures;

3) Smoking, running, or loud talking;

4) Misuse of library property;

5) Uncooperative behavior

6) Use of sound equipment without headphones;

7) Committing lewd acts, or actions that deliberately annoy others, disrupt library operations, or prevent the legitimate use of library and its resources.

Any patron, including minors, may be required to leave immediately for, but not limited to, the following conduct:

1) Offensive physical conduct

2) Disrespect toward each other, other library users or library employees

3) Inappropriate language, e.g. cursing

4) Damaging library materials, and/or property

The following procedures will be implemented if a minor exhibits inappropriate behavior and/or becomes disruptive:

1) Minors will be advised by staff and/or the Security Officer, when behavior is becoming disruptive and/or inappropriate. See above for the parameters for immediate expulsion.

2) If the disruptive behavior continues, the library will make every effort to contact the parent/guardian and advise them that the minor is about to be evicted and that said minor will need a ride home.

3) If the library is unable to reach a parent/guardian, the library reserves the right to evict the minor and/or contact the police or other appropriate authority. The minor may be asked to wait outside of the library.

4) If a minor is asked to leave the library on three separate occasions, (s)he may be suspended from the library at least until a conference can be held with a parent or legal guardian.


The following procedures will be followed if a minor is left unattended after the library closes:

1) The minor should call a parent/caregiver/responsible party as soon as notification is given that the library is closing.

2) If after 30 minutes, nobody comes to pick up the minor, the Police or Child Protective Services will be called by Security.



The Stark County District Library welcomes and invites minors to use our facilities and services whether or not accompanied by a parent, guardian or caregiver. However, if a minor visits the library without a parent, guardian or caregiver, we strongly advise that the following information or items be provided for the minor's comfort and security during library visits.

1) Phone number and address of residence or work if the parent/guardian/caregiver must be contacted. This could be important in cases of emergencies or illness.

2) Money for emergencies such as using the pay phone or for a snack.

3) Snacks when the minor is left at the library for an extended period of time.

4) Allergy and other pertinent health information although parents are responsible for monitoring these issues.

*Document Number GP 2001: September 25, 2007 -
Revised Procedures (Replaces March 26, 2004)