September 2, 2014

Sharon Lane: A Canton Legend

1Lt. Sharon Ann Lane was a nurse from Canton, Ohio, who died from a shrapnel wound when the 312th Evac at Chu Lai was hit by rockets on June 8, 1969 (Vietnam War).  In 1973, Aultman Hospital in Canton, where Lane had attended nursing school, erected a bronze statue of Lane. The names of 110 local servicemen killed in Vietnam are on the base of the statue.

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Sharon Lane is featured on this website which includes a picture of her and copies of two military documents.

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Jacobson pays homage to Sharon Lane in a short essay and poem written on this website.

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This web page posts an article about Sharon Lane from the AP originally published in the San Antonio Express News on June 25, 1988.

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A site dedicated to the statues and memorials that honor the brave women who served their country in many ways over the years since our nation began.


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This research paper written by a nursing student provides excellent information about First Lieutenant Sharon A. Lane. A copy of this research paper can be viewed at the Reference Desk at the Main Library.

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