August 20, 2014
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Outlook 2010 Tutorials

Microsoft Outlook 2010
We have made some of the video tutorials for Microsoft Outlook 2010 freely available to help you evaluate our training.

Microsoft Outlook Online Tutorials
Microsoft provides tutorials on its website to help users learn how to make the best use of their Outlook software. You may choose from several tutorials, including options specific to the version of Outlook you are using. You may also receive online instruction in upgrading from one version of Outlook to another, organizing messages, downloading the software or simply getting started.

Outlook 2010 Tutorials
In Outlook 2010 Essential Training, author Karen Fredricks provides in-depth instruction on the key features of Outlook 2010. The course shows how to master fundamental Outlook features including sending and receiving email, creating an address book, and scheduling activities and tasks. It also covers basic administrative tasks including backing up the data file, setting up email accounts, and organizing data both manually and automatically.

Training Courses Outlook 2010
Learn how to save time in Outlook 2010 by using Quick Steps, a new feature that allows you to perform multiple actions at once.

Outlook 2007 Tutorials

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HSC Outlook Online Tutorials
This is a "PDF tutorial that provides screenshots for some of the most common function of Outlook 2007 that you should be familia with."

Outlook 2007 - Training - Microsoft Office Online
Get up to speed with Microsoft Access 2007 using Microsoft Office Online tutorials.

Outlook 2007 Tutorial
"In this Microsoft Outlook 2007 tutorial, we'll discuss a number of the basic procedures used in creating, editing, sending and receiving Outlook 2007 mail messages."