July 24, 2014

Online Tutorials

Consumer Information

Consumer Information includes identity theft, product ratings, vehicle values, recalls, credit, health and wellness: topics on which most consumers could use advice.  Go to tutorial.

Credit and You

Credit and You guides the user to resources that may be used by the public, the businessman, the employer, or the landlord to learn how to access, evaluate, and protect credit and background records. Go to tutorial.

Find Journal, Magazine, and Newspaper Articles in Databases

Find Journal, Magazine, and Newspaper Articles in Databases is designed to provide a brief introduction to searching for articles via library databases. Go to tutorial.

Finding People and Businesses

Finding People and Businesses Are you planning a family reunion or updating your address book? Or you're looking for a job in Ohio and need contact information for large manufacturing companies that might hire you. Try these resources. Go to tutorial.

Grants for Individuals

Grants for Individuals Grants aren't just for nonprofit organizations. There may be money available for helping small businesses, financing a college education, or your specific situation. Go to tutorial.

Legal Forms

Legal Forms contains links to websites where forms may be located, such as Stark County Family Court, Stark County Law Library, and Stark County Probate Court. Also listed are books that contain forms and information on common legal situations. Go to tutorial.

Local History

Local History Are you curious about events, businesses, buildings, people or places in Canton/Stark County, Ohio history? This is a pointer to the library's special files, books, and links on local history. Go to tutorial.

Ohio Criminal Justice

Ohio Criminal Justice offers books, online sources, and a list of recommended websites to assist you in understanding and locating facts related to the Ohio criminal justice system. Go to tutorial.

Repair It Yourself

Repair It Yourself  Have you ever wanted to know how to fix household problems yourself? Cars, motorcycles, ATVs, or lawnmowers need repair?  Locate resources to find directions, illustrations, or diagrams to aid you in doing those projects.  Go to tutorial.

Researching a Medical Condition

Researching a Medical Condition  When you or someone you know has a health concern, your best resource is the physician.  However, this tutorial will offer you a path to finding reliable, current information on diseases and conditions, signs and symptoms, medical tests, medications, surgical procedures, and courses of treatment. Go to tutorial.

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