September 16, 2014
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Ohio Digital Library Instructional Materials

The Ohio Digital Library website is the access point to the Stark County District Library's digital collection.  The SCDL digital collection consists of e-books, audiobooks, music, magaines, movies, TV shows, and videos which can be viewed on mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones as well as computers such as Windows, iOS, and Linux machines.  Learn more...
Digital library website overview (Video)

How to search for digital materials using the Ohio Digital Library website
Learn how to conduct general and advanced searches for library e-books and other digital materials on the Ohio Digital Library website.
General Searching in the Ohio Digital Library
Advanced Searching in the Ohio Digital Library

How to find digital materials in the library catalog
Learn how to search for library e-books using Encore - Stark County District Library's online catalog.
Searching for Digital Materials in the SCDL Catalog

How to place holds on digital materials
Learn how to place holds on digital materials and receive e-mail notification when they are ready for download.
Placing a Hold on Digital Materials from the Library