September 2, 2014

Local History

You may be writing a report, researching an old Canton business, or maybe you are just curious about an old building in the area, a crime that took place in Canton in the 40s, or a person who lived in Canton in the 50s. We have many resources to help you. Some are listed below to give you an idea of our extensive collection in Canton area history. Some of the materials mentioned here may be accessed at home through  the library's website. The library's professional staff will be happy to assist you in finding information. Come to the library, call Reference Services at (330) 458-2754, or email the staff at Ask a Reference Librarian for further assistance.





The following documents are not listed in the card catalog, but are available in the Reference Department at the Main Library. These materials may not be checked out, but photocopies may be made.

Business File This is a collection of articles from local newspapers on existing Stark County area businesses.

Don R. Mellett: A Canton Legend  This notebook consists of newspaper articles profiling a Canton Daily News journalist who was murdered in 1926 for crusading against corruption in Canton, Ohio.

Eddie Lee Sexton  You may inquire at the Reference Desk for a file of articles and some court documents on the notorious Sexton murder case.

Historic Ridgewood  This album contains pictures and articles pertaining to houses and events in the Ridgewood area of Canton. There are 164 pages of material covering the years 1980 to 2005.

Sharon A. Lane: A Canton Legend  Articles, websites, and a research paper (written by Tanya M. Shurie) make up this album. The subject is Sharon A. Lane, the famous Cantonian who was the first Army nurse to lose her life as a result of hostile fire in the Vietnam War.

Local History File  Brochures, pamphlets, postcards, pictures, newspaper articles, and more are in the historical file. The materials concern Canton area buildings, businesses, churches, schools, people, places, and events.

Yearbooks  A collection of miscellaneous yearbooks from Canton area high schools is available in the Genealogy section on the second floor of the Main Library.


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In addition to the special files, the library has an assortment of books on the history of Canton and Stark County. Here are just a few titles from our circulating collection to spark your interest: circulating books may be reserved through the library's online catalog.  Most circulating books may be checked out for two weeks.

Akron-Canton Baseball Heritage 
This is a history of local baseball.

Akron-Canton Football Heritage 
The National Football League,  other professional and local football leagues, and the Pro Football Hall of Fame are in this resource.

This is a collection of postcards with famous people, buildings, businesses and scenes that are a part of Canton's history.

Canton's Pioneers in Flight 
The book relates the early days of aeronautics in the Canton area.

Canton, Ohio 
This is a pictorial history of Canton from the 1860s through the 1960s. There are photographs of the many cultural communities of Canton, important people, churches, activities, and more.

Introducing Lake Township 
The culture and daily life of Lake Township, today and yesterday, are presented in a colorful, interesting volume.

Louisville, Ohio through the Years, 1834 - 1984 
Louisville's churches, schools, and industries are pictured and described for the reader.

Meyers Lake Park: The Last Dance (1869 - 1979) 
This is a comprehensive volume on Meyers Lake Park, the famous Canton amusement park. Pictures of families, rides, dances, bands, and postcards are included, plus 2 CDs of sounds of the Moonlight Ballroom.

The McKinley Monument: A Tribute to a Fallen President 
The story behind the design and the making of the McKinley National Monument in Canton, Ohio is contained in these pages.

North Canton, Ohio: A Place in Time 
North Canton's history comes to life in this pictorial work.

The Stark County Bicentennial Story, 1776 - 1976  (3 vols.) 
In three volumes, the Bicentennial Committee presents information on the townships of Stark County. The chapters discuss the history, people, businesses, churches, schools, and culture of these areas.

The Stark County Story (6 vols.) 
These volumes contain information on the culture, people, businesses, etc., of the Stark County area from its beginnings in 1805 to 1959.

Stark County: Then and Now
The creator of this book copied historical photographs of businesses, churches, schools, and other sites in Stark County. He then took pictures of the same places as they look today.

 Towpath to Towpath: A History of Massillon, Ohio 
Massillon's history is told here through descriptions of its people and places.

 William McKinley and Our America: A Pictorial History 
President William McKinley's life is illustrated in this biography.

The history of Stark County is told in pictures.


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These sites will help with Canton and Stark County history.

Canton Preservation Society  Four historic Canton buildings and information on their architecture are featured by the society.

Ohio Historical Society (OHS)  Find Ohio Pix on the homepage or enter the words in the search box.  Then, search for Canton or Stark County to find some amazing illustrations.  If you type severe weather in the main search box, you will retrieve stories and pictures of weather disasters in Ohio.

Ohio Memory Online Scrapbook is an image collection of pictures, artifacts, postcards, books, papers, and other memorabilia that are a part of the history of Ohio. Searching this website for Canton or Stark County will give you countless items on old companies, people, buildings, and more.

William McKinley Presidential Library and Museum specializes in information on President McKinley and historical information on businesses in the Stark County area.  

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