September 3, 2014
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Literacy Commission

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The Mayor's Literacy Commission of Canton is a non-profit organization of volunteers who serve to improve literacy in our community by advocating for public and private support of literacy initiatives, and identifying unmet literacy needs in the community.

One Book, One Community Caregivers Program

Our purpose is to advance literacy for an improved quality of life.

We  advocate for public and private support of literacy efforts in our community. We facilitate community solutions for identified literacy needs. We collaboratively promote and increase community awareness of how improved literacy improves community life.

Our all-volunteer membership consists of community leaders and educators interested in promoting literacy in our community.

Our members serve on a variety of committees, implementing projects in the community to meet literacy needs. See the committee tabs for more information.

We are dependent on our partnerships with community businesses and organizations for the  funds and resources to operate  the Commission and conduct our programs. The Stark County District Library is our major partner, providing resources, personnel, and  office and meeting space for the Commission. We would like to thankthe library and all of our other partners, who are listed on the Support Us page.