September 16, 2014
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Kindle USB Cable Transfer Instructions

The following instructions explain how to transfer a Kindle e-book to a Kindle using a cable (sometimes referred to as transfer via USB.) By following these steps you will learn how to plug your Kindle into a computer; download a Kindle e-book to the computer; transfer the Kindle e-book from the computer to the Kindle. The instructions begin on the Amazon page after you have already selected a Kindle e-book from the Ohio Digital Library. For instructions on how to do this refer to the Download a Kindle e-book to a Kindle Device handout from Stark County District Library’s website.

Items needed
A Kindle e-book from Ohio Digital Library
Amazon account
Kindle device
USB cable

The most common reasons for using a cable to transfer a Kindle e-book to a Kindle:

1. Publisher restrictions – some Kindle e-books available in the Ohio Digital Library say “Kindle Book USB Only” in the format section. This means that, due to publisher restrictions, this book cannot be delivered wirelessly and must be downloaded and transferred via USB.

2. The version of Kindle being used – Wi-Fi is required to wirelessly download a Kindle e-book to a Kindle. Early models like the original Kindle (2007), Kindle2, and Kindle DX do not have Wi-Fi so to get an e-book to the device a user must use a cable.

The Process

1. Sign in to the Ohio Digital Library ( Search for and select a Kindle e-book.

2. Click on the blue Download (Select one format) button; check Kindle Book (this is the e-book format compatible with Kindle devices);then click Confirm & Download. This will open – the website from which the Kindle book will be downloaded.

3.  Look for the green square on the right side of the Amazon page. Select Transfer via Computer from the Deliver to: menu.

4.  Click the yellow Get library book button. You will be taken to a screen that asks which device you would like to transfer to.

5. In the Deliver to: menu specify which device you would like to deliver the Kindle e-book to. Click Continue. A new screen will appear with additional download instructions as well as a dialog box to Find, Save, or Cancel.

6. Choose to Save the file. You will need to access this file in a couple steps so make sure to note where it is saved. (Many find it easiest to save to the Desktop for ease of file location.)

7. Connect your Kindle to the computer via the USB cord.

8. Open your Kindle device in My Computer, then drag and drop the title you just downloaded into the Books folder and release.  The e-book will be transferred to your Kindle.

9. Safely eject your Kindle and begin reading your book.

When the lending period is over (typically twenty-one days for e-books) your title will be returned wirelessly—no late fees.  You can make early returns in your Amazon account by clicking the Manage your Kindle link found in the top row of links on your Amazon homepage. For more information about this see the Amazon’s Manage Your Account handout on the Stark County District Library’s website.

Still have questions? Please feel free to ask a staff member, call (330) 458-3150 or (330) 458-3160 or email for additional assistance.