September 16, 2014
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Kindle App Instructional Materials

The following links provide instructions on downloading digital materials from the library to a Kindle. By following the instructions below you will be able to browse, checkout, download and view library e-books, audio books, magazines, music and videos on your Kindle.

How to Download a Kindle e-book to a Kindle Device
How to check out a Kindle e-book from the library and wirelessly download it to a Kindle device.
Kindle Download Instructional Materials

How to Transfer a Kindle e-book to the Kindle with a Cable
For Kindles that do not have Wi-Fi or titles that require download via USB learn how to transfer a Kindle e-book from a computer to a Kindle.
Transferring a Kindle e-book to a Kindle with a Cable

How to Use Amazon's Manage Your Account
Return, delete, or transfer Kindle e-books via USB using Amazon's Manage Your Kindle feature. 
Amazon's Manage Your Kindle