August 23, 2014
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Kids' Databases

Kids Search - Search by keyword or topic to find the information you need. Results can be easily sorted by source type: magazines, reference books, photos, flags, etc.

NoveList Plus - Find the books you want to read. Search an author or topic for reading assignments or for fun.

Searchasaurus - This treasure map leads you to great information about things like animals, history, health, science and so much more! Resources include: children's magazines, encyclopedias, and reference books.

Student Research Center - Student Research brings together several EBSCO products into a single interface designed for the research needs of students in grades 6-12.  Databases include: Middle Search Plus, Newspaper Source, MAS Ultra-School Edition, Vocational and Career Collection, Columbia Encyclopedia, TOPICSearch, and Health Source - Consumer Edition. Sources include: magazines, newspapers, reference works, radio and TV news transcripts, state reports, primary source documents, photographs, maps, flags, and more.

World Book Early World of Learning - An online resource for preschoolers through third graders.

World Book Kids - An easy to use encyclopedia for kids.