September 3, 2014
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Hoopla Viewing Instructions

The following instructions will guide you through searching, ordering, and viewing digital materials from Hoopla. These instructions can be used on a computer or a mobile Android device such as a smart phone or tablet.

Necessary items:
A computer or mobile device with an Internet connection
A Stark County District card (Don’t have an SCDL card? Visit anyone of our locations and talk to any SCDL librarian.)

The Hoopla app when viewing on a mobile device (Don’t have the Hoopla app? Hoopla app can be downloaded for free from your device app store.)

Getting to know your Hoopla

1. Open the Hoopla app

2. Tap on the content list icon (looks like three dots)

3. The content list provides search options, library news, and settings information.

Hoopla Viewing Instructions

You can keep track of your Hoopla items using the My Titles (Computer) or My Account (Mobile). Tap or click on the Borrowed option and you will find your list of items. Tap or click on the Favorites and your will find your list of items you have selected as your Favorites.

Searching in Hoopla

General Search: To generate a title, people, publisher, studio, or keyword search tap or click on the Search option and type in your information.

NOTE: A list of options will appear as you type in your information. You may tap or click on any item in the list to generate a list of the items. The number of items available under those search terms is found in the parentheses next to the search terms.

Browse Search: To browse a particular format type such as Music, Movies, Audiobooks, or Television tap or click on the Browse option of your choice. You will be taken to a page with category listings such as New & Notable, Top Titles, Just Added Genres, Songs for the Season (Music), and more.

NOTE: The arrows found on the right and left of the selections more you forward and back ward through the collection for that category.

To Borrow an item

1.  Tap or click on the items cover.

2.  Sometimes there are additional listings under an item. Tap on the cover of the item you wish to borrow or preview the content.

3.  Tap or click on the Borrow button.  A pop up box will appear letting you know your title has downloaded and to check you’re my Titles area to view or listen to your item.

To View, Listen, Play a Hoopla item

1.  Tap or click on your My Title or My Account option. A new window will open.

2.  Tap on the item cover and the item record will open.

3.  To play the item, tap or click on the Play button.

4.  To return or add as favorite tap or click on the Return or Add as Favorite buttons.


NOTE: For a tv show you may need to click on an episode then click the Play button. Each episode may count as a borrowed item.

You may use the navigation options at the top of a song list to pause, change tracks, and control volume Exit Hoopla as you would any other web site or page. If you are in need of additional assistance for setting up an account, searching, borrowing, or returning an item, please contact you the SCDL location nearest you.