September 15, 2014

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If your question does not appear in this list, please let us know.  Use this Contact Us form or call us at 330.452.0665.

1.  How do I get a library card?

There are several ways to get a library card:

Online Library Card Applications:
Immediate Access Online Form
Use this form to register for an online library card which will give you immediate access to the following resources:

  • · Access library databases and online resources
  • · Download electronic books and resources
  • · Request materials from our online catalog
  • · Log into your library account

Library Card By Mail Online Form
Fill out the form below in order to initiate the process of obtaining a full-access library card. Once you submit this form you will receive a temporary library card number which you may begin to use immediately. In addition, a permanent library card will be sent to you by US Mail.
The temporary card will allow you to:

  • · Access library databases and online resources
  • · Download electronic books and resources
  • · Request materials from our online catalog
  • · Log into your library account

Paper Library Card Applications
Printable Online Form
Print out this printable form and bring it to any SCDL location. 
Or in paper format at any SCDL location.

2.  What is acceptable identification?

  • In order to obtain a library card, a patron must present a valid photo ID (not a photocopy). This photo ID can be any official identification card that presents the patron's picture and name.  Valid photo IDs include, but are not limited to: driver's license, State ID, Student ID and Passport. You must also provide proof of current address. Acceptable forms of address verification are: Printed personal check, utility bill, or anything addressed to you and delivered to your home address by mail. If you are not able to provide proof of current address, the library will issue a temporary library card.

3.  Are there any age restrictions?

  • Patrons 18 and over: Acceptable I.D.
  • Patrons between the ages of 16 - 17: Application must include parent or guardian's name. Proof of identification is preferred but not required
  • Patrons 15 and under: Parent or guardian must sign Parental Consent Form (Parent does not need to be present at time when card is issued; no I.D. is required.)

4.  Does the library card require renewal?

Library cards must be renewed every three years. At this time you must visit a library location to renew your card.

5.  Where do I get a library card application?

  • In paper form at any Stark County District Library location.
  • Print an online Library Card Application Form fill it out, and bring it to any Stark County District Library location.

6.  Who can have an Educator's Card?

  • School teachers
  • Teacher aides
  • Home educators
  • School librarians
  • Library Resource Center Technicians
  • Teachers in nursery schools
  • Teachers in child care centers or preschools
  • Visit Educators Resources for more information on the loan policies.

7.  What should I do if I lose my library card?

Call or stop into the library to report the card as lost.  For new cards, please come to the library with a valid I.D.  The replacement fee is $1.00.

8.  What should I do if my personal information changes?

Stop by the library circulation desk to update your information.  Changes made over the phone (mailing address, phone number, etc.) will be finalized the next time you show I.D. at any SCDL location.

9.  How long can I borrow something?

Materials Loan Periods and Limits:

  • Books, Puppets
14 days, no limited amount
  • Books on tape/CD
14 days, no limited amount
  • Music CDs
14 days, limited to 20 per checkout
  • Magazines/Comics
7 days, no limited amount
  • DVDs
7 days, limited to 10 per check out
  • Search Ohio Books
    and Audio Books
21 Days
  • Search Ohio DVDs and CDs
7 days

Ohio Digital Library Digital Materials

21 days

Books and audio books, CDs, and puppets may be renewed up to 5 times. Magazines and DVDs may be renewed twice. Materials may not be renewed if another customer has placed a hold on the item. 

Search Ohio and Ohio Link items may be renewed 3 times.

Book and DVD Express items are not renewable.

10.  How much are fines and what forms of payment are accepted?

SCDL does not charge to check out library materials.  Due date receipts are given at every checkout, but if items are not returned by the due date, fines can accrue. The fines for all materials, unless specifically noted are:

  • DVDs and Interlibrary Loan material: $0.50/Day
  • All other materials: $0.10/Day
  • Patrons may not check out or renew items if fines exceed $5.00.
  • Patrons with more than $25 in fines may be sent to the library's collection agency. 
  • All SCDL locations accept cash, personal checks, or Visa/MasterCard. Restrictions may apply.

Customers are sent a 1st Overdue Notice by phone or email 1 week after an item is due to be returned.  A 2nd Overdue Notice is sent 3 weeks after the due date.  After library materials are 4 weeks overdue, customers will be mailed a bill for the unreturned items. Customers who have more than $25 in fines or overdue materials may be sent to the library's collection agency once the items reach 2 months overdue.

Fines may be paid online through the library's PayPal account.  Fines paid online must total a minimum of $1.01. You may also pay your fines at any library location.  The library accepts cash, checks. and credit/debit cards.  If your fines total more than $5.00 you will not be allowed to check out materials.

To pay online, log into your library account and locate the "View Fines and Fees."  Click on the "Pay Online" button. You may choose to pay all fines listed or you may uncheck those fines you do not wish to pay at that time. Click on "Continue" to proceed to the next screen.

On the PayPal Payflow link page, enter your credit card number, card type and expiration date and click "Continue." You will also be asked to enter your card's CSC number (the 3 digit number on the back of your card) and other billing information.  Then click "I authorize this transaction."

After confirming that the information is correct, click on "Submit Transaction for Processing." You will be notified that the transaction is approvide immediately on the next screen and an email will be sent to your account with confirmation information.  Clicking on "Return to Your Library Account" will take you back to the catalog.

11.  Do I have to return materials to the same location?

No, you may return library materials to any Stark County Library Location, including book-drops and bookmobiles.

12. How do I change my PIN number?

Access your library account and log in.  Then, click on the Modify my PIN button and you'll be able to change your number.  If you forgot your PIN number click on the Forgot Your PIN link and you'll be sent an email so that you can access your account.  You'll then be able to change your PIN to a number. 

13. How do I use the library's catalog?

When you first access the catalog through, your first Search option will be Encore, our catalog's search and discovery platform.The default search using Encore will be Keyword for a quick and simple item search. Once inside Encore, you will discover a variety of searching options.

After your initial Search, the catalog will offer you the opportunity to Refine your Search by the following categories.

  • Search Found In: Limit by Title, Subject, or Author.
  • Format: Limit by Book, DVD, Audio Book, Large Print, Program, etc.
  • Collection: Look for an item at a specific library location.
  • Language: Limit by language, e.g. English or Spanish.
  • Publish Date: Limit by publication date.

The list of search results is also sorted by Relevance to the keyword. This field contains the item record, as well as basic information such as Title, Author, Publication Information, Jacket Cover, and Item Format. You can request an item or refine your search from this portion of the screen; the results list can also be resorted by clicking on Title or Date.

The Encore page has a Tag Cloud to help refine your search without starting a new search. Plus, this page will suggest popular titles you may want to consider checking out.

If you still don't find what you are looking for, try the Advanced Search link to access the Classic Catalog. This portion of the catalog will allow you to search by Keyword, Title, Author, Subject, for a Series, or limit your search for specific items, such as DVDs.

14. What are some of the convenient features of the Online Catalog?

  • Preferred Searches
    The Preferred Searches feature allows you to save a search of your favorite author or subject, so that you may place reserves on new materials more quickly. Once you have set up your Preferred Search, you may choose to be alerted by email of new materials added to the library collection which match your Preferred Search. When an item is cataloged that matches this search an email notification will be sent to the email address the library has on file. This guide will help you set up your Preferred Searches.
  • My Lists
    The My Lists feature allows you to permanently save titles to your online patron record for future use, much like the Wish List function on commercial/shopping websites. This function allows you to keep multiple lists in order to track items you may want in the future. You must be logged in to your account to use this feature.
  • Book Cart
    The Book Cart is similar to the shopping cart on a commercial/shopping website. You can place items in the Book Cart and request one or more of the items, all items, or save them to My Lists for future use.
  • Program Calendar
  • The library's program calendar is now part of its catalog. You can search for programs and events in the same manner that you use to search for books.

15.  How do I place a hold or reserve an item, or register for a program?

When you find an item, you can request that it be held (reserved) for you. You will be asked for your library card number or your Username and PIN number. (NOTE: The first time you access the catalog, you will need to change your PIN number and set up your Username.)

You can create a convenient User ID that will allow you to access all of the Library's convenient online features without remembering your barcode. To make changes log into your library account and click on Modify My Personal Information.  Then: Create a new Login/Username which must contain alphanumeric characters (special characters i.e. #@%, are invalid) and be between 6 and 25 characters in length.

  • PINs may be up to 30 characters long and may consist of any digits and letters.
  • Special characters, such as punctuation, may not be used.
  • Minimum PIN length is 4 characters.
  • Your PIN must not contain common trivial patterns. For example: A character that is consecutively repeated three or more times(aaaa, ababa, bbbb). A set of up to four characters is that is consecutively repeated two or more times (abab, abcabc, abcdabcd).
  • If there are more than five failed attempts to log in with the same barcode within one minute, the system will block access to your patron account for one minute.

You may choose the library location where you wish to pick the item up, plus a space for comments is provided if you have specific instructions, such as requesting that the item be picked up at a specific bookmobile stop. The library limits the number of holds to 20 items per customer. Remember, it will be necessary to type in your Full Barcode, beginning with the 213330 numbers.

To register for a program, click on the register icon and enter your user ID or library card number. With a valid email address in your library record, you will receive alert emails one day before a program for which you have registered. You will also be kept informed of any changes to your program.

16. How do I keep my holds from expiring if I won't be able to pick them up?

You can freeze your holds once you have logged into the My Account section of the Online Catalog. Log into your account and view the list of holds; there is a checkbox on the right hand of each title if there are multiple holds on the title. Simply check (or uncheck) this box to make a hold inactive (or make it active once again) and then click on the Update List box.

17. How will I be notified when items I place on hold are ready for pickup?

The library offers three choices for sending out Pick-up and Overdue Notices: 1) Email, 2) Phone, and 3)Text Message. You may choose which method you prefer. If you have not chosen your Notice Preference, the system will use the default, which is 1) Email 2) Phone. This means the system will first try to Email the notice, then the automated system will call.

If you would like to choose how you will be notified, you can do so in the online catalog by logging into your account, and clicking on the button on the right hand portion of the page that reads Modify Personal Information. From there, you can change your Email address in addition to selecting your Notification Preference. Of course, you can always call or stop by your local library and ask a staff person for assistance in setting your preferences. You may also update your account by filling out this form. We will update your account with the information.

The automated phone system makes calls Monday through Saturday, from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm and it will make 3 attempts to call. If a call does not "complete" after 3 tries, then it will move on to try to notify the patron via Email (if there is an Email in the patron record). The system will leave a message on an answering machine. The calls do not identify patron names nor item titles.

If you absolutely do not want to be called, contact the library and your library patron record can be set so that you do not receive calls.

The system will consolidate all of your items ready for pickup or overdue items into one call. Unfortunately, it cannot consolidate calls to the same telephone number for different library card numbers.

18. Can I receive my library notices by text message?

Yes, customers may sign up for Library Notices via Text Messaging on their cell phones or mobile devices.

To begin receiving your notices via text message, go to the My Account page and log in.  Once you've logged into your account, click on the Modify Personal Information button.  Make sure you have chosen to receive your notices by Email.  Then, enter your cell phone number followed by (  If you wish to continue to receive email notices as well, simply enter your email account separated from your cell phone number with a comma and no spaces  (, The following information has more details.

After submitting their cell phone number customers will receive text messages when:

Items they requested are ready for pickup
o Text Message: Item(s) reserved for you are ready for pickup at the library.
Items they've borrowed are due to be returned
o Text Message: Library materials are due back soon.
Items they've borrowed are overdue
o Text Message: Please return your overdue library material(s).
The library adds materials to its collection that match a customer's Preferred Searches
o Test Message: The library has recently added material to its collection that may be of interest to you based on your preferred search settings.

The number that the text message is being sent from (76000) will appear on the customer's cell phone/mobile device screen. Customers using the text message option may add this number to their mobile device's list of contacts as "Library" so that this will appear rather than the number itself.

Normal text messaging charges will apply.
Text messages are sent between 9 am and 9 pm.
Customers will not be able to reply to these messages.  This is strictly a one-way notification service.

Customers may also simultaneously receive an email version of the notice which contains detailed information, for example which items are ready for pickup, where the items are on hold, which new materials have been added, etc.  Anyone who receives emails related to Preferred Searches will need to sign up for both texts and emails if they would like to view their matches.

Customers who opt for text messaging will select "Email" as their notice preference and will have the following in the Email field of their patron record:

Email: (where 3304521212 is the customer's phone # ; always use as OPLIN is providing this service)

Customers who would like to receive a simultaneous detailed email will have both their cell phone number and their email address in the Email field.  These will be separated by a comma with no spaces:


19.  How can I renew an item?

You may renew by telephoning any library location, by accessing the My Account link from our homepage, or in person at any SCDL location. Some library materials may not be renewable if reserved by another patron. Books and audio books, CDs and Puppets may be renewed up to 5 times unless on hold for another customer.  Magazines and movies may be renewed twice. Book Express and DVD Express items may not be renewed.

Search Ohio items may be renewed three times.

20. How can I get items from other libraries?

Stark County District Library offers SearchOhio which allows you to access the catalogs of 23 Ohio public libraries using your Stark County District Library Card. The library also offers online Interlibrary Loan service. If you desire a book that is NOT LISTED in our online catalog, you may request it through SearchOhio or Interlibrary Loan. Use this Interlibrary Loan Form.

21. What is SearchOhio and Ohio Link?

SearchOhio and OhioLink allows you to access the collections of 23 Ohio public libraries simply and easily using your Stark County District Library card. This easy-to-use tool is available with a click of a mouse.  This guide will answer your questions about SearchOhio and OhioLink.

22.  Are books available for downloading?

Yes. Access our EBooks and EAudio page in the Browse section of the catalog for instructions and access to downloadable books, audio books, music and television shows.

23.  What are e-books and e-audio?

The Stark County District Library offers you books and audiobooks that can be downloaded anywhere, anytime - all you need is your library card number and PIN, and software downloads for the Ohio Digital Library to begin. 

All programming is downloaded to a computer or laptop. Some eBooks, audio books, and music may be transferred to portable devices or burned onto CDs.

24.  Does the library provide public access computers?

All Stark County District Library locations provide public access computers. SCDL employs a PC Reservation System that requires computer users to have a library card. All customers will receive 120 minutes of computer access per day. The time will be divided into three sessions, with the first lasting 60 minutes, followed by two 30 minute sessions. If no one is waiting for a computer, customers may use all 120 minutes without taking a break.

To use an Available Computer: Have your library barcode ready before beginning. Click "Available" and enter a complete Stark County District Library, Massillon Public Library, or Louisville Public Library card's barcode. Click OK.
Click Accept on the Use Policy page.
Click OK to Use this Computer. A timer box will appear and remain until it times out or you select End Session.

If all computer stations are in use, you will need to Reserve a Computer: Have your library barcode ready before beginning. Click "Available" and enter a complete Stark County District Library, Massillon Public Library, or Louisville Public Library card's barcode. Click OK.
Choose where you would like to use a computer. 
Take your receipt which will identify the time and computer you will use.

When momentarily stepping away from a computer session, use the Hide option found on the timer's options located under the dropdown arrow (you will need to create a password to reopen the session).

Closing or ending the session occurs if the End Session button is selected or if the allotted time has expired. Confirm the conclusion of a session, click OK.

All public computers provide Internet access and Microsoft Office for:
Word Processing

25. Does Stark County District Library provide wireless Internet access?

Yes.  Wireless Internet access is available at all Stark County District Library locations. Wifi FAQ's (pdf file)

26. What do I need to use the library's wireless Internet access?

You will need a wireless network interface card that is compatible with the 802.11b or an 802.11g standard. Most devices are equipped with a compatible wireless card. Please observe Stark County District Library's Internet and Computer Use Policy while using the library's wireless network.

27. How do I set up my computer to use the library's wireless Internet access?

Your computer may automatically detect the wireless network when you are in the library. If your computer detects more than one wireless network, choose "Public Library" to access the library's network. If your computer doesn't automatically detect the network, use the software provided with your wireless network interface card to connect to the public library wireless network.

28. How will I know if my computer is connected to the network?

Open your web browser and try to connect to a website. If you are not connected, check to see if your wireless settings are set properly. If you still cannot connect, check with a librarian to find out if the library's wireless network is currently having a problem.

29. Will library staff help me set up my computer to access the wireless network?

The staff can provide basic information for accessing the network, but the user is responsible for configuration and troubleshooting of their personal equipment.

30. Is the library's wireless Internet access secure?

No. Most public wireless networks do not offer secure access. Please keep this in mind when accessing or providing business or personal information over the library's wireless network.

31. Is the wireless Internet access filtered?

No. If you wish to filter your device, you must install personal filtering software.

32. Do I need a library card to use the library's wireless Internet access?

No. It is free to anyone in the library.

33. Can I print from my device while using the library's wireless Internet access?

No. You may save your work to a flash drive or other storage device or e-mail it to yourself, then log on to one of the library's public computers to print your work. You will need a library card number to print.  Printing costs $0.15 per page.

34.  Can I print, fax, or photocopy? Do you have storage devices? How much do they cost?

  • FAXES (sending only)
    Local and toll free: $0.50 per page
    Long Distance and International: $1.00 per page
    Photocopier: $0.15 per B&W page, $.30 per double-sided B&W page, $.50 per color page
    B&W Printer: $0.15 per page
    Color Printer: $0.50 per page
  • Free
    USB Drives: $7.00 each 

35.   What are the sign-up procedures for Public Computer use?

SCDL has a PC Reservation System that requires computer users to have a library card. All customers will receive 120 minutes of computer access per day. The time will be divided into three sessions, with the first lasting 60 minutes, followed by two 30 minute sessions. If no one is waiting for a computer, customers may use all 120 minutes without taking a break.

To use an Available Computer: Have your library barcode ready before beginning. Click "Available" and enter a complete Stark County District Library, Massillon Public Library, or Louisville Public Library card's barcode. Click OK.
Click Accept on the Use Policy page.
Click OK to Use this Computer. A timer box will appear and remain until it times out or you select End Session.

If all available stations are in use, you will need to Reserve a Computer: Have your library barcode ready before beginning. Click "Available" and enter a complete Stark County District Library, Massillon Public Library, or Louisville Public Library card's barcode. Click OK.
Choose where you would like to use a computer.
Take your receipt which will identify the time and computer you will use.

When momentarily stepping away from a computer session, use the Hide option found on the timer's options located under the dropdown arrow (you will need to create a password to reopen the session).

Closing or ending the session occurs if the End Session button is selected or if the allotted time has expired. Confirm the conclusion of a session, click OK.

36.  Are computer classes offered?

Hands-on computer classes are free and open to adults, unless otherwise noted. Seating is limited; advance registration is required. Please call any SCDL location or Technology Training Services: Dee Rondinella at 330.458.3150 or Brett Neff at 330.458.3160 to register, register by email: or by registering online form for each class in the Calendar of Events.

37.  What research tools are available?

The Reference Services Staff can help you find answers for all kinds of questions.  Call at 330.458.2754 or email using the Ask a Reference Librarian form.  Independent research is possible using our collection of Databases or by browsing our collection of Web Links

38.  Does the library have legal materials?

Yes.  Some sources are:

  • Black's Law Dictionary
  • Code of Federal Regulations
  • Ohio Revised Code
  • United States Code Service

Please note that librarians are not permitted to recommend legal forms, explain legal terms or offer legal advice.

If we are unable to help, we may refer you to the Stark County Law Library.

39.  Does the library have medical references or information about prescription medicines?

Yes.  Some sources are:

  • Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders  
  • Physician's Desk Reference
  • Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary
  • Please note that librarians are not permitted to offer any medical advice or diagnoses. Please consult your physician.

Additionally, there are websites listed on the Web Links page and online databases. 

40.  Does the library have materials on businesses?

Yes.  Some sources are:

  • Brands and Their Companies
  • Dun and Bradstreet Million Dollar Directory
  • LexisNexis Corporate Affiliations
  • Valueline Investment Survey
  • Wall Street Journal

41.  Does the library have phone books for areas other than Canton?  Is there any way to find out to whom a specific phone number belongs, or who lives at a particular address?

Yes, the library does have some phone books from various portions of Ohio.   In addition to the Canton City Directory and the Canton Haines Criss Cross Directory, librarians refer to ReferenceUSA and popular web sites for reverse information.  ReferenceUSA is a popular online source for US business and residential information. 

42.  Where can I find the history of StarkCounty?

The library has many books on the history of Stark County, including Edward Thornton Heald's six-volume The StarkCountyStory.  Another good source for information is the Stark County Engineer's Stark County History web page.

43. Where can I find the history of Canton, Ohio?

There are several books about Canton's history at the library, such as The StarkCounty Bicentennial Story, v.2. The City of Canton, Ohio: History website is another good source.

44.  Does the library have old copies of the Canton Repository?

Yes.  The library has past issues of the Repository, 1815 to the present, with current issues in paper.

45.  What is the current and past population of Canton and StarkCounty?

(Source: Decennial Census Totals and The Stark County Story by Edward Thornton Heald Vol. III)

 Year  Canton  Stark County
2010   78,924 375,586
2000   80,806 378,098
1990   84,161 367,585
1980   94,730 378,823
1970 110,053 372,210
1960 113,631 340,345
1950 116,912 283,194
1940 108,401 234,887
1930 104,906 221,784
1920   87,091 117,218
1910   50,217 122,987
1900   30,677   94,747
1890   26,000+   84,170
1880     64,031
1878   12,000  
1870    52,508
1860    42,978
1854     3,500  
1850     2,500+   39,878
1840     34,603
1830     26,588
1820     12,406
1810       2,734

For more local statistical information try the Ohio Department of Development web page or the US Census Bureau online.

46.  What are the highest and lowest points in StarkCounty?  How high above sea level is Canton?

(Source: Stark County Engineer)

  • Highest point - 1,360 feet above mean sea level, 1 mile northeast of Paris.
  • Lowest point - 880 feet above mean sea level, Tuscarawas River, Bethlehem Township.
  • The city of Canton, Ohio is 1,060 feet above sea level.

47.  What is the latitude and longitude of Canton, Ohio?


  • Latitude is 40.799°N
  • Longitude is 81.379°W

48. Where is SCDL's Genealogy Division located, and how do I get there?

The Genealogy Division of the Stark County District Library is housed in the Main Library and is located at 715 Market Ave. North, in Canton, Ohio. From I-77 take 13th St. exit and head east. (This street becomes 12th St.) At Market St. turn right and go south past 9th St. N.W. The driveway into the library's parking lot is approximately 100 feet past the light at 9th St. on the right.

The Genealogy Division is located on the second floor. Take the elevator or stairs to the second floor. Go left past the Reference desk and then left again through the double doors into the Genealogy Division. (The library has handicapped access.) 

The Genealogy Division is open the same hours as the library.  The library is open 10:00 am to 8:00 pm Monday through Thursday, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm on Friday, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm on Saturday, and 1:00 to 5:00 pm on Sunday (Sept. - May).  The library is closed on the Memorial Day, Labor Day, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.  Library hours vary during the week of the Pro Football Hall of Fame celebrations.

49.  Will anyone be able to help me with my Genealogy questions?

The Genealogy Division is staffed with four full-time genealogists. Barring an unforeseen situation, there should be someone in the department at all times.

50. Information for Out-of-Town Customers.

Parking: All Stark County District Library locations provide free parking.  At the Main Library parking is free in the library's lot immediately north of our building. The parking lot entrance is on Market St. There are also un-metered spaces along 8th St. N.W.

Accommodations and food: Find hotels, restaurants, and other great attractions in the Stark County area.

51.  What Stark County Records are located at the Library?

The Genealogy Division provides access to local birth, death, marriage, military, and court records, plus more.

52.  Can I receive Genealogy research through e-mail?

Find the form you need to find your information.

53. Can I get genealogy records from other libraries?

The Stark County District Library is now a lending library for the genealogical records from the Mormon Church (LDS). LDS will provide microfilm copies of records it has permission to copy to SCDL customers. The special nature of this service does entail fees, however. LDS will provide a one month rental of a roll of microfilm for $5.50. Customers can also order the film for a three-month lending period for a $16.50 fee, at which time the microfilm will remain on permanent loan to the Stark County District Library. Customers may search the LDS catalog at, then visit the library's Genealogy Department to place their order for microfilm.

54.  Does the library have tax forms available?

Yes, the library does have tax forms and information. However, library employees are not permitted to answer any tax questions.

55.  Does the Stark County District Library offer any book clubs?

Yes, there are a wide variety of book clubs at our locations.

56.  What other activities or programs does the library offer?

The library offers many programs and activities for children, teens, and adults.

57.  Are meeting rooms available?

Yes, there are meeting rooms available at various locations. Also, available at the main library is the Innovation Center, a collaborative workspace with the equipment & technology you need for successful business meetings or technology training.

58.  What are the schedules for the Bookmobile and Kidmobile?

Find schedules for the Bookmobiles and Kidmobiles on our Locations pages.

59.  How can I view and apply for a job at the library?

Employment Opportunities at the library are posted in our About Us section.  Substitute applications are always accepted and you may reply to current postings using the Employment Application posted on this page. (Note: The application is in Interactive .pdf format.  You can fill it out online, but must then print.  Your application will not save.)

60.  How can I volunteer?

Volunteer opportunities are available at many library locations.  Download the Volunteer Application from our Employment Opportunities page of this website.

61.  Are book drops available?

Yes, for patron convenience, there is a book drop to return materials at all library locations. Except for the Perry Sippo Branch, all book drops are available 24 hours/7 days. Because Sippo Lake Park closes at 11:00 pm, Perry Sippo's book drop is not available overnight.

62.  Are drive-up windows available?

Yes, the Main, Jackson Township, Lake Community, and North branches have drive-up window service.

63. Are there a special collections for teachers?

Yes, there is an online Educator's Resource service available.

64. Where can I find the list of new books and best sellers that are available at the library?

We provide a list of the current titles in our catalog.  Check out our Bestsellers and More page to find the latest titles.

65.  Are books on tape/CD available?

Yes, the library offers a diverse collection of books-on-tape and books-on-CD, plus downloadable audio for children and adults. Search our Catalog and limit your search to audio books.

66.  Are music CDs available?

Yes, the library has a large variety of music CDs for children, teens, and adults. Search for music in our Catalog. In addition, we provide a growing catalog of downloadable music through our access to our Hoopla Digital Service.  Search our Downloadable Media page for music for your smart phone or device.

67.  Are large print materials available?

Yes, all of our locations offer substantial collections in large print to make reading easier for patrons. Search our Catalog.

68.  How can I donate to the library? Donations of money, time, or materials.

The library is happy to accept donations of books, magazines, DVD's & CD's. Some items may be added to our collection depending on need while others will be added to our library booksales to help support the mission of the library.

Monetary gifts may be directed to the Stark County District Library Foundation which was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) corporation to raise funds and financially support and advance the mission and values of the Library. The Library's Strategic Plan provides a framework for library services worthy of the Foundation's financial support, especially literacy, programming, capital projects, and other service efforts.

To volunteer your time, please contact one of our Friends of the Library groups at most of our library locations.

69.  Can I register to vote at the library?

Yes, you can register to vote at any library circulation desk.

70.  Can I register for an Ohio Golden Buckeye Card at the library?


Yes, you can register at any location.

71.What Literacy Services does the library offer?

The Stark County District Library encourages literacy on all levels through the circulation of our materials and library programming.  We make an exceptionally strong push for early literacy in our story times (search Story Times in our online Events Calendar, or find Story Times listed by Branch in our Stark Scene) and through the circulation of items such as children's books, puppets, and Kindergarten Readiness Packs.  

72. How can I get books and movies if I'm too ill to come to the library?

The library provides homebound services to customers by delivering customer requested materials to your home if you are located in our designated service area. Deliveries are every 4 weeks to your home. You may sign-up for the service by calling 330-458-2827. A library card application can be mailed to your address or an application can be part of your first visit.

73.  What's programs does the the library offer?

There are special sections of this website devoted to news and programs. You can also pick up a copy of the library's Stark Scene, our tri-annual publication which lists all library events.  Friend us on Facebook and subscribe to our email Newsletter to find out up-to-the-minute information on library events and news.

73.  Are there used books for sale at the library?

Yes, the Main Library Friends of the Library run a gift store and monthly book sale at the Main Library.  Most branch locations offer used materials for sale as well. Search for Book Sales in our online Events Calendar to find sale times and locations.

74. How do we pay for library services?

The Stark County District Library is funded by a combination of state and local tax dollars.  Slightly more than 50% of revenue comes from the State of Ohio Public Library Fund.  Approximately 45% is from a local property tax levy, and approximately 4% is from fees and fines.

75. Why does the library need local funding?

The Stark County District Library has 10 locations, 2 Bookmobiles, 2 Kidmobiles, and Outreach Service to nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and the homebound.  In addition, the library provides technology access to all residents. Its collection of 831,500 items includes books, movies, music, and more. And it provides programming which is free and open to the public. 

77. Are e-readers available to borrow?

Yes. Pre-loaded e-readers are available to borrow for a time period of 2 weeks with a valid SCDL card. See Circulating E-Reader Terms and Circulating E-Reader Procedures for further information.

78. What if an item I wish to borrow is not available