September 2, 2014

Table of Charges

Adoption Date September 13, 2013.
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WHEREAS, the Stark County District Library Board of Trustees has always maintained a commitment to providing our community with the widest possilble access to information, and

WHEREAS, the library provides a variety of ways for customers to record the informaiton obtained from various resources at a nominal cost,

NOW, THEREFOR, BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED by the Stark County District Library Board of Trustees that the Table of Charges Policy will be revised.

Table of Charges


Collection Agency Fee (non-refundable) $10.00
Damaged Book Pages $1.00 per page
Discretionary Meeting Room Clean-up Fee Minimum $25.00
Earbuds $1.00
Faxes (Local/Toll Free Numbers) $0.50 per page
Faxes (Long Distance/International) $1.00 per page
Innovation Center, Non-Profit Organizations No Charge
Innovation Center, Business $50 / 4 hours or less
Innovation Center, Business $100 / more than 4 hours
Kindergarten Readiness Pack - Pieces $5.00 each piece
Non Sufficient Funds Charge $20.00
Overdue Fines (CD-ROMs, Videos, DVDs) $0.50 per day
Overdue Fines (for items not listed) $0.10 per day
Overdue Fines - ILL (CD-ROMs, Videos, DVDs) $0.50 per day
Overdue Fines - ILL (for items not listed) $0.10 per day
Overdue Fines - Search Ohio / OhioLINK $0.50 per day
Photocopies (Black & White) $0.15 per page
Photocopies (Color) $0.50 per side
Print outs (Black & White) $0.15 per page
Print outs (Color) $0.50 per page
Processing Fee for Lost Materials (non-refundable) $5.00 each item
Replacement Barcode $1.00 each
Replacement Book on Tape/CD Cases $5.00 each
Replacement CD/CD-ROM Cases $1.00 each
Replacement DVD/Video Cases $1.00 each
Replacement Inserts for CDs/CD-ROMs $3.00 each
Replacement Library Card $1.00 each
Replacement Puppet Bags $1.00 each
Replacement Tape/CD Multi-sets $8.00 each
USB Flash Drives Up to $12.00 each


Faxes: No charge for cover sheet

Genealogy: When information is mailed to patrons the charge is $0.25 per 8.5"x11" and $0.50 per 11"x17" page. Postage is added and then this total is rounded up to the next dollar.