April 18, 2014

Borrowing Privileges Policy

Adopted July 19, 2005. Revised October 18, 2010
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The Borrowing Privileges Policy of the Stark County District Library exists to facilitate community access to the materials and information contained in the library's collections and resources, and to disclose information regarding the circulation of these materials.

Stark County District Library Cards: Eligibility, Registration, and Use

I. Who may receive a card?
Any individual who presents acceptable identification may obtain a free library card. Once issued, the cardholder, regardless of age, will be the only individual authorized to use his or her card.

II. Registration:

Customers 18 and over:
Customer must complete a library card application.
Customer must show an acceptable form of identification.

Customers between the ages of 16-17: 
Customer must complete a library card application.
A signature of parent or guardian IS NOT required.
A parent or guardian's name must be listed on the application.
Identification is preferred but IS NOT required.

Customers 15 and under:
Customer must complete a library card application.
Parent or guardian signature IS required on the Parental Consent Form.
A parent or guardian need not be present for the customer to receive his/her library card.
Identification IS NOT required.

Educators/Home Educators:
The following individuals may request an educator card:

• School teachers
• Teacher aides 
• Home educators
• School librarians/Library Resource Center technicians
• Teachers in nursery schools
• Child care centers
• Preschools, including teacher assistants

• Three individuals may be listed as approved to receive this card.
• Examples of organizations eligible for corporate cards:

• Timken Company
• Stark Regional Community Correction Center
• Multi-County Correctional Facility
• Red Cross

Replacement card or renewing a card:
• All personal library cards must be renewed every three years. In addition, an address check is done once a year.
• All Educator cards must be renewed every September.
• The replacement fee for a card is $1.00.

III. Categories of Eligibility
Ohio Residents:
Residents of the State of Ohio may receive a Stark County District Library card at no cost. The card is valid for a three-year period.
There is currently no charge for non-residents of the State of Ohio. A temporary card may be issued and must be renewed every six months.

Loan Periods, Item Limits, and Procedures

The following loan periods and item limits have been established to provide customers with an adequate amount of time for both using and returning library materials in a timely manner.

I. Adult, Teen, and Children's, Materials
Most materials, unless specifically noted below, have no item limits and circulate for fourteen days.
• Most magazines comic books and CD-ROMs circulate for seven days and have no limits.
• Most videos and DVDs circulate for seven days and are limited to ten per library card. These may include any combination of Adult, Teen, and Children's items. Access to these materials by customers under the age of sixteen will be determined by the restrictions selected on the library card application.
• Framed Prints circulate for twenty-eight days from North Branch only, are limited to three per card, and may be renewed. No holds are permitted on these prints.
• Materials checked out on an Educator's Card circulate for six weeks.
• Mobile Services materials circulate for varied periods, based on the amount of time between scheduled stops.

II. Renewals
Most library materials may be renewed, unless they are on hold for other customers or are Express items. Most library materials may be renewed five times. DVDs, videos, and magazines may be renewed two times. Items may be renewed in the library, or by telephoning during open hours, or via the "My Account" feature located in the Library Catalog portion of the Stark County District Library's web site at www.starklibrary.org. This should be done in advance of the due date in case the items may not be renewed.

III. Claimed Returned Items
Items which customers say they have returned, but cannot be located on the shelves, may be placed in the Claimed Returned status. The library allows three items to be placed in Claimed Returned over the lifetime of the card. The customer will not be financially responsible for items nor will the Claimed Returned items hinder the checking out of other materials. However, any materials lost beyond the three items, must be paid in full.

IV. Refunds
If a customer locates an item after he/she has paid for it, a refund will be issued for the cost of the item minus any overdue fines accrued and a $5.00 processing fee. The request must be made within thirty days of the payment. Customers who request a refund must provide the receipt that was issued by the library at the time payment was tendered.

V. Denial of Borrowing Privileges
To ensure that no one customer accrues an excessively high fine, the borrowing privileges of that customer will be denied when the fines exceed $5.00. Any customer who has been referred to the collection agency will be denied borrowing privileges until all delinquent materials are returned and all fines and fees are paid so the balance is under $5.00.

SearchOhio, Interlibrary Loan, Customer Requests

These free services allow customers to borrow library materials, not in the Stark County District Library, Louisville or Massillon collections from other libraries. SearchOhio requests may be made from cooperating Ohio libraries directly in the online catalog. For items not available within the SearchOhio network, the Interlibrary Loan Department will attempt to find the materials, with requests taking an average of two weeks to locate, and then be received by the library. Customers will be notified that the materials have arrived and are ready for pick up. Requests for this service may be made by phone, at the Main Library, Branches, or on the web site at www.starklibrary.org.

Confidentiality of User Record

Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code, the library shall not disclose any record or information that identifies a user of library services as requesting or obtaining specific materials or services or as others using the Library. Records may be disclosed only in the following circumstances:
• On the verbal written consent of the library user.
• On receipt of a court order.
• If required by law.

Employee Borrowing Privileges

To ensure equitable access for all library users, the borrowing rights, privileges, and obligations of the Stark County District Library employees are outlined in the following:

• An employee is any person on the payroll.
• Use of the type Employee PTYPE (3) will be reviewed regularly.
• Borrowing privileges which are the same for employees and customers:

Employees are expected to abide by circulation limits and loan periods.
Employees are responsible for lost and damaged materials.
Employees may be sent to the collection agency.
Employees may have three Claimed Returned items.
Employee abuse of borrowing privileges may result in criminal prosecution.

• Borrowing privileges which are not the same for employees and customers:

Employees do not pay fines for overdue materials.
Employees may be disciplined for not abiding by the policy.
Employees may have items out for an extended length of time due to library related projects, i.e. book discussion groups, teacher units, programming, and workshop preparation.

Effective Date August 29, 2005