August 22, 2014
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Basic Skills Keyboard Tutorials & Material

Keyboard Tutorials

Guide to Buttons and Keyboard Shortcuts (Intermediate)
Learn about different uses of buttons and keyboard shortcuts by clicking the PDF file. 

Keyboard Shortcuts-Getting the most our of your Windows Keyboard
Supported by Internet4Classrooms, Keyboard Shortcuts provides definitions of keyboard keys and keyboard key combinations called keyboard shortcuts.

Using Your Keyboard (Microsoft Windows)
"Whether you're writing a letter or entering numerical data, your keyboard is the main way to enter information into your computer. But did you know you can also use your keyboard to control your computer? Learning just a few simple keyboard commands (instructions to your computer) can help you work more efficiently. This article covers the basics of keyboard operation and gets you started with keyboard commands."

Typing Tutorials

Free online typing course: learn how to type correctly, 27 guided lessons to learn step-by-step from the beginning, choose between 20 different keyboard layouts, web-based course, no downloads required.  Registration required.

Learn to Type-Free Typing Tutor-Typing Certification
Register with TypingWeb to track your progress, access additional content and compete for your place in the Hall of Fame.  Registration is optional.

Online Free Touch Typing Program
Free online typing lessons for the beginning typist.  No registration required. is typing lessons for Qwerty, the US standard 101 keyboard and the basics of typing.  Hands-on typing tutorial form with no registration required.