September 16, 2014
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Basic Computer Skills

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Welcome to the SCDL Basic Computer Skills pages.  Listed below are tutorials, booklists, training handouts, and other helpful instructions for learning basic computer skills and applications.  The Basic Skills classes focus on the introduction to using a computer.  All Classes are part of a Seniors Program Series and General Classes. 

Parts of a Personal Computer Keyboard Skills
Mousing Skills Windows I: Introduction to Software

Basic Skills: Parts of a Personal Computer

Understanding the physical parts of a computer is an important part of Basic Skills Computer Training.  In the Basic Skills Parts of a Personal Computer you can learn about the monitor, mouse and keyboard; about the different ports and their uses as well as the CD/DVD options.  You can also learn about necessary power supplies, cables, and cords that work best for your computer.

Booklists and Magazines

Librarian Picks:

 Computer Basics Absolute Beginners Guide

Computer Basics: Absolute Beginner's Guide
For people who "want to know how to find their way around, get comfortable, and get the job done - without jargon, complexity, or hassle. There's a book for them: Michael Miller's Absolute Beginner's Guide to Computer Basics, Windows 8 Edition. It's the one book that covers everything today's beginners and near-beginners need to know: not just about Windows, but also about software, hardware, and the Internet."
Miller, Michael, 2013

Is this Thing On A Computer Handbook 

Is This Thing On?:  A Computer Handbook for Late Bloomers, Technophobes, and Kicking & Screaming
A jargon-free manual for novice computer users covers everything one needs to know to enter the computer age, including how to select and set up a computer, how to sign up for e-mail and Internet access, and how to navigate the Web.
Sloan, Michael and Susan Hunt Yule, 2011

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Parts of a PC:  Hardware (PDF)

Parts of a PC: Software (PDF)

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Basic Skills Keyboard

Learn the basic keyboard functions; Enter, Space bar, Tab; arrow keys; delete and backspace; Help. Learn the basic functions of the alphanumeric computer keyboard.  The instructor will discuss what each key does, and how they work.  Make use of your computer's function keys and discover several keyboard shortcuts for common operations.  Proper care and cleaning of the keyboard will be taught, as well as tips to begin practicing your typing skills.

Booklists and Magazines
Librarian Picks:
Mastering Computer Typing 

Mastering Computer Typing
Designed for self-instruction or classroom use, this book is the ideal choice for beginners who want to move from hunting-and-pecking to typing with ease, and for experienced typists who want to break bad habits and improve their accuracy. 
Lindsell-Robert, Sheryl, 2010

 Keyboard Connection

Keyboard Connections
"Students will learn keyboarding and complete numerous hands-on projects related to word processing, desktop publishing, presentation software, spreadsheets, and databases. The text was written for middle school students. All activities and projects are age-appropriate. Glencoe "Keyboarding Connections" features a "fun" format complemented by a visually appealing games."
Zimmerly, Arlene and Julie Jaehne, 2006

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Basic Keyboard for Windows (PDF)

Basic Keyboard for Mac (PDF)

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Basic Skills Mouse

Learn about different kinds of a computer's mouse, how they work, and which style of mouse is right for you.   Familiarize yourself with operating the scroll wheel and the right and left clicking functions.  Get comfortable holding and moving the mouse and discover the different ways it will appear on your computer screen.  Fun practice exercises will be shared to help improve accuracy.

Booklists and Magazines
Librarian Picks:
Teach Yourself Visually PCs 

Teach Yourself Visually PC
"Clear, step-by-step screen shots show you how to tackle more than 150 common PC tasks. Each task-based spread covers a single technique, sure to help you get up and running on your computer in no time."
Marmel, Elaine J., 2011

Basic Computer easy steps 

Computer Basics in Easy Steps
"Computer hardware and software functions are covered, but the real emphasis is on the tasks you want to perform and how you can utilise your computer to increase your productivity and enhance your level of enjoyment and satisfaction."
Price, Michael, 2001

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Basic Skills: Mousing on a PC (PDF)

Basic Skills: Mousing on a Mac (PDF)

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Basic Skills Windows I Introduction to Software

Begin with learning to launch a program; save, and close programs, Menu bar, Toolbar, Scrollbars, and Print; create shortcuts; organize files; recycle bin; open or recover files and folders; speakers; recognize extensions types.  

Booklists and Magazines
Librarian Picks:
Reader's Digest How to Do (Just About) Anything on a Computer Reader's Digest How to Do (Just About) Anything on a Computer
"Want to know more about Facebook and Twitter? How about how to sell your unused items on eBay? Want to create your own letterhead or put together a baby book? With How to Do (Just About) Anything on a Computer, you'll be able to do all those things and more."
by Reader's Digest Association, 2011
Step by Step Windows 7 Step by Step Windows 7
"Experience learning made easy-- and quickly teach yourself the essentials of working with Windows 7. You set the pace, building and practicing the skills you need, just when you need them!"
Labert, Joan, 2010

Windows 8 for Seniors 

Windows 8 for Seniors:  For Senior Citizens Who Want to Start Using Computers
"The perfect beginner's book for senior citizens who want to get started using computers. This book walks you through the basics of the operating system Windows 8 in an easy step-by-step manner, with screen illustrations for each step."
by Studio Visual Steps, 2012

Windows 8 Quick Steps 

Windows 8 Quick Steps
"Full-color screenshots on every page with clear instructions make it easy to use this innovative operating system on any device. Follow along and learn how to navigate the touch interface, customize your desktop, store data, manage files, connect to the Internet, use email, add hardware and software, download apps, work with photos, and enjoy multimedia. You'll also learn how to control security and set up a wired or wireless network."
Matthews, Martin S., 2013

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Basic Skills: Windows 7(PDF)

Intermediate Skills: Windows 7 (PDF) 

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