September 16, 2014
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PowerPoint 2007 Tutorials

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Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Tutorial
"With Microsoft PowerPoint you can create exciting slideshow presentations. This PowerPoint tutorial will teach you how."

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Tutorials
"A presentation consists of a collection of slides that are shown to an audience in sequence. The presenter can control the movement through the slides or the presentation can perform the navigation automatically. Each slide contains information that the presenter wants the audience to see and this information can take the form of text, images or even animation."

PowerPoint 2007 Training
Microsoft Office presents 40 to 50 minute tutorials on how to use parts of the PowerPoint 2007 software.  Each session contains instruction information as well as examples on how to use the PowerPoint 2007 software to its fullest extent.

PowerPoint Tutorial on Line Classroom Tutorials
Internet4Classrooms hosts a variety of tutorials for the beginner as well as the advanced user of PowerPoint 2007.  Each tutorial consists of instructions and examples.